Cape Cod Fishing Expeditions Fishing Report

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

June 28, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 27, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

June 25, 2017

June 24, 2017


June 23, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 22, 2017


June 15, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 14, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 13, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

June 12, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 11, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 10, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

June 8, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

May 31, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

May 30, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

May 29, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing


May 28, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

May 27, 2017


May 26, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

May 25, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

May 24, 2017

Cape Cod Fishing

May 13, 2017

More schoolie action on the fly this morning. 

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

May 12, 2017

Doubles all day.   Got after the schoolies again on the fly with piles caught.  Got one bigger one.  More should be showing up soon.

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

May 11, 2017

Ripped it up again.  Chased some larger fish in the channel from the kayaks.  Got pile of schoolies on bars on flies and swim shads

Cape Cod Fishing

May 10, 2017

Great first charter of the season with piles of schoolies.  We got em on flies and swim shads.  The fish were tailing in the shallows digging for baby sand eels.

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing

April 29, 2017

Had a good first quick outing trout fishing.  Got a brookie and a brown in short order.

Outer Banks Fishing

Outer Banks Fishing

April 14-21, 2017

There is no such thing as a trip to the Outer Banks that is not epic and this last trip was no exception.  We crushed big sharks and big bluefish all week.  Did not find the reds again but who cares we were catching big fish from the beach all week.

Outer Banks Fishing

Outer Banks Fishing

Outer Banks Fishing

November 23 - 26, 2016

Had another epic visit to Cape Hatteras.  Landed 27 bull sharks in 3 days of fishing.  No reds but loads of big sharks made up for that.


Outer Banks Fishing

October 29 - November 5, 2016

Had another epic surf fishing adventure on the Outer Banks.  Caught a bunch of big redfish and sharks.


cape cod fishing

October 17, 2016

Had an epic day with Coach.  Caught piles of fish

September 30, 2016

Continued crappy conditions kept me on foot. Found a pile of schoolies for a late inning rally.


September 29, 2016

Weather too bad to go out in the salt.  Had a great day on the pond with actin from largemouth bass, pickerel, bluegills and perch.  Spooks and spinners.


Cape Cod Fishing

September 17, 2016

Epic late summer shallow water action!


Cape Cod Fishing

September 16, 2016

Epic late summer shallow water action!


Cape Cod Fishing

September 15, 2016

Tough North wind today.  Worked hard for a few fish.

Cape Cod Fishing

September 2, 2016

We worked for the fish we got today.  The wind was against but we manged a few nice fish.


Cape Cod Fishing

September 1, 2016

Sick tailing action today.  Crushed em on the fly.

August 31, 2016


August 21, 2016


August 19, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

August 18, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

August 17, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

August 3, 2016


Cape Cod Fishing

August 2, 2016


July 21, 2016

Epic sight fishing today after a round of tailers at sunrise.  Many shots.  Missed some big ones.  Hooked a big blue in shallow water and broke it off after a fun battle.


Cape Cod Fishing

July 20, 2016

After a tragically slow start the fished showed up.  We go into a pile of shallow water stripers on flies and sluggos.  Landed a big blue on the fly as well.


July 19, 2016

Trolled up a bunch of 25-25 inch class fish on a sluggo on the way out.  Found fish at dawn in the shallows.

July 8, 2016

No sight fishing today because of cloud cover but we did get a pile of schoolies.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 7, 2016

Good schoolie action on the fly and light spinning rod.  No big fish and tough sight fishing in and out of the clouds.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 6, 2016

Epic sight fishing.  Many shots.  Tough fish again but everyone got some.

Cape Cod Fishing 

July 5, 2016

It rained on us, no sight fishing, but we caught a shitload of schoolies without much work.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 4, 2016

Sunrise action and late tide sight fishing.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 3, 2016

Epic predawn action on the flats.  Tailing fish at dawn, how can you go wrong?


June 25, 2016

Huge fish on the flats.  The most difficult fish of the season.  I threw everything I had at them and only had a few hookups.  Many super exciting follows and strikes.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 24, 2016

Epic sight fishing today.  The fish came in hard.  We had many shots and heart stopping moments with big fish in our face.  We did manage to land a few hard earned fish.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 23, 2016

We got a pile of small fish to start and then changed it up for sight fishing which turned out to be a bust.  The fish did not show as expected and we moved around quite a bit.  We ended the day pounding on schoolies again.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 22, 2016

We had a good day on the flats and got some schoolies and had some sight fishing.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 21, 2016

Thunderstormed out.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 20, 2016

Tough condiitons for sight fishing made for a frustrating day however we did score one nice fish sight fishing when we got a window of sun.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 19, 2016

A great morning with tailing fish.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 12, 2016

June 10, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

June 9, 2016


June 8, 2016


June 7, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

June 6, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

June 5, 2016

We got the numbers up today with fish for everyone all day.  The fish were small but extremely cooperative.

June 4, 2016


Cape Cod Fishing

June 3, 2016

Another epic morning of tailing fish.

May 30, 2016

May 29, 2016

Cape Cod Fishing

May 28, 2016

Sight fishing was good today


Cape Cod Fishing

May 27 , 2016

Sight fishing was good today

May 23 , 2016

May 22 , 2016

Hero to zero in 24 hours.  Big wind from a bad direction changed everything and we got blanked.  We fished hard and did not find the fish.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 21 , 2016

The first epic tailing day of the season. We crushed tailing fish for hours.


May 20  , 2016

We a great morning on the water with predawn action and some sight fishing later on.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 10 , 2016

Conditions changed today and the fish were scarce. We managed a couple of fish and that was it.

May 9 , 2016

Chased more fish in the kayak under birds with sluggos and swim shads.



May 8 , 2016

Finally found a pile of nice fish.  Chased schools of fish feeding under birds.



May 7 , 2016

Did well in the fog and cold today.  All the guys got fish. 

Cape Cod Fishing

May 6 , 2016

Terrible wind direction to work with.  Couldn't fish the usual spots.  Fought wind and cold for a few small fish.


May 5 , 2016

Small craft advisory but I had to see what was out there.  Mistake.  Shoulda stayed in bed.  Saw loads of silversides but no fish, just wind and waves.

April 30 , 2016


Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing

April 16-23 , 2016



Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing

November 26-28 , 2015

Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing
Outer Banks Fishing

November 1-7 , 2015

October 14 , 2015

October 13 , 2015

October 12 , 2015

October 11 , 2015

October 10 , 2015

September 30 , 2015

September 29 , 2015



September 28 , 2015



September 27 , 2015



September 26 , 2015

Cape Cod Fishing

September 25 , 2015

Cape Cod Fishing

September 24 , 2015

Cape Cod Fishing

September 13 , 2015


Cape Cod Fishing

September 12 , 2015

Cape Cod Fishing

September 11 , 2015

September 2 , 2015

Cape Cod Fishing

September 1 , 2015

Cape Cod Fishing 

August 31 , 2015

Another good morning on the flats.  Fish for everyone on flies and sluggos.


Cape Cod Fishing 

August 30 , 2015

More tailing fish at dawn.



August 29 , 2015

Pile of tailing fish at dawn.  Epic numbers for many hours.  The video clips say it all.


Cape Cod Fishing

August 28 , 2015

A good start to the moon cycle.  Tailing fish at dawn.

Cape Cod Fishing

August 14 , 2015

Epic sight fishing at sunrise with tailing fish.

Cape Cod Fishing

August 8 , 2015

Largemouth bass fishing is hot.  I scored 8 2-3 lbers and 2 pickerel on a Hula Popper around sundown.

Cape Cod Fishing

August 1 , 2015

Thick, Quick and Nasty!  That was how Coach labeled the brand of fish we were into today.  More epic tailing and shallow water action at sunrise.  Coach and I ripped it up again out there.


Cape Cod Fishing

July 31 , 2015

Epic tailing action at sunrise.  We had pods of tailing fish rolling through and ended the day with some sight fishing action.


Cape Cod Fishing

July 30 , 2015

More good action on the flats.  Not so many tailers today.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 29 , 2015

We had good predawn action on the fly topped off with tailing fish at dawn.

July 17 , 2015

We had a great day sight fishing today.  Not spectacular action but we had some great shots and hookups.


July 16, 2015

Bad wind conditions forced to the beach at night and we got blanked. 

Cape Cod Fishing

July 15, 2015

Did ok on the flats today with sluggos and flies.  Did well in the afternoon on largemouth in the fresh.


July 7, 2015

Epic sight fishing today.  Tragically all the video files I shot are corrupted, so no vid or pics.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 6, 2015

And the sight fishing was good again.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 5, 2015

More good sight fishing.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 4, 2015

Sight fishing was good today.  What a way to spend the 4th.  Stars and Stripers Forever!

Cape Cod Fishing

July 3, 2015

Another great day with more action than yesterday.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 2, 2015

It was a beautiful day on the water and we got some fish to go with it.

Cape Cod Fishing
Cape Cod Fishing

July 1, 2015

We didnt have the best conditions and we worked hard for our fish but we did earn some epic tailing action and scored big time when we were on the fish.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 30, 2015

We had beautiful conditions and did ok on schoolies on the fly.  We had small pods of breaking fish following sand eels pods.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 27, 2015

Checked in on the largemouth scene and did well on piles of 1 to 2 pounders.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 20, 2015

We started offshore and got 1 nice fish early and then there were 200 boats around us and the fish were down.  I made an an audible and moved us to the flats for incoming tide and scored big time,  Waves of fish started rolling in and we stayed on fish for almost 3 hours.  No huge fish but pod after pod and wave after wave of fish.  It was epic.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 19, 2015

We had a good day with sluggos and flies.  We got fat schoolies up to 30 inches. Sight fishing was difficult but we managed to get fish throughout the morning.


June 16, 2015

It was calm and foggy and I found a pile of fish tailing early but they were difficult to find later in the tide.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 15, 2015

We had a decent morning on the flats with some early tailing action. Sight fishing got shut down but we found fish on the channel edges.  We got a 36 inch fish late in the tide on a sluggo.


June 14, 2015

It was a beautiful morning with tailing fish at dawn.  Andrew and I got fish throughout the morning.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 10, 2015

The wind was right again and the fish were there again.  Another epic night of beach fishing.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 8,9, 2015

We got our ass kicked on the flats this morning. High winds and no fish beat us up. We did see some big fish at the edge of the flats briefly but that was it. The wind was up and ripe for beach fishing so I talked the boys into ditching the fly rods and heading to the beach after a nap. The payoff was big. We got piles of fish up to 38 inches. It was an epic night of beach fishing with plugs.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 7, 2015

The fish are back.  However they were as finicky as the last time I saw them.  We had good shots at many fish and had a few good hookups.

June 5, 2015

Today was tragic.  We went all in for sight fishing and had decent sun and got blanked.  We did not see one fish. WTF.

June 4, 2015

It was a sunny calm day but it was cold, 39 degrees at launch.  We covered alot of water and did not find any fish for the first 5 hours.  We had a late inning rally and got a handful of schoolies sight fishing at the end.

June 3, 2015

It was a difficult morning with few fish caught.  A cold front came through and the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  It was 40 degrees at launch.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 2, 2015

Poor weather conditions shut down sight fishing but we managed to get fish every spot we fished.  No big fish caught but many seen following in the schoolies.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 1, 2015

Epic tailing fish for as far as the eye can see.  A hard wind made access difficult but it was worth the battle.  Piles of fish came in to feast on the sand eels.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 31, 2015

The wind came up and we hit the beach and scored. It was an action packed night of fish in the surf on plugs. We got fish all night long.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 30, 2015

It was a good dark tide on the flats and we got fish on sluggos all morning.

Cape Cod Fishing 

May 29, 2015

Similar results today.  Lots of fish and shots but difficult to get the hookups.


May 28, 2015

We saw many fish of different sizes today rolling through the sand eel pods on the flats.  They were extremely difficult to catch.  We had many shots and many follows but not many hook ups. 

Cape Cod Fishing

May 25, 2015

Hit up the outer beaches to fish in the big wind.  We got a few fish and the first keeper from the beach.


May 21, 2015

Another day of sight fishing.  Not the best conditions but I managed to find fish.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 20, 2015

Went looking for the big boys on the flats today and had some shots but the smaller fish were quicker to the fly.  I had s short window of good conditions and managed to get some great sight fishing in.



May 19, 2015

The wind changed for the worse but I still managed to get out there and score.  I saw the first big fish of the season on the flats.  I trolled a sluggo on the edge of the flats and caught a pile of fish.


May 18, 2015

Crappy conditions didn't prevent us from getting lots of fish today, however we couldn't find the big boys.  We worked hard and covered alot of water.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 17, 2015

More epic fishng as the sand eels continue to come off the flats.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 16, 2015

First epic day on the flats.  We had a sand eel hatch and the fish were there.  Tailing fish and breaking fish everywhere.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 7, 2015

Finally!  We got the first schoolie of the season.  We worked very hard to find that fish.  Still no loads of fish.  They should be here in full force next week.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 5, 2015

Had a great day freshwater fishing.  Caught a pile of laregemouth bass and pickerel.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 4, 2015

Another barren morning on the water.  Not yet.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 3, 2015

Thought we would get them this morning but it wasn't to be.  Andrew and I saw an epic moonset and sunrise to make up for the lack of fish.  They will in soon
Back in action.  The winter sucked and I didn't fish for almost 4   months.  What a drag.  Hit up NC to start the season and will be chasing stripers this weekend.

North Carolina Surf Fishing
North Carolina Surf Fishing  
North Carolina Surf Fishing  
North Carolina Surf Fishing  
North Carolina Surf Fishing  
North Carolina Surf Fishing  
North Carolina Surf Fishing   

April 19-24, 2015

Another epic beach fishing and camping trip to North Carolina.  We lived on the beach for the week and scored some big redfish and a pile of bull sharks.  We fished hard for the fish we got.


Cape Hatteras Fishing  

November 28-29, 2014

Headed to Cape Hatteras to escape the holidays and had a great first night of fishing landing 4 nice redfish up to 30 inches.  After the cold front things shut down.

Cape Lookout Fishing 

Cape Lookout Fishing

Cape Lookout Fishing

Cape Lookout Fishing


November 1-8, 2014

Spent 8 days camping and fishing on Portsmouth Island on Cape Lookout National Seashore in NC.  We battled a massive coastal storm and fished hard.  We got a few nice redfish, sharks, hundreds of small bluefish, sea mullet and pufferfish.



Cape Cod Fishing

October 13, 2014

We worked hard to get the fish today but had to found some good pods of fish to pound on.  Most of the action was on the dropping tide.  Incoming was slow except for a few schoolies at the creek mouths.


Cape Cod Fishing  

October 10, 2014

Another great day on the water with bearutiful conditions.  Not quite as many fish as the last 2 days.


October 9, 2014

Fish everywhere.  We had tailers at dawn.  Many pods of schoolies   busting on baitfish.  Spooks, sluggos and gurglers.


October 8, 2014

Thunderstorms rescheduled the charter but I camped out at the launch until I got a window to go out for a short run and I ran into piles of schoolies pounding baitfish on the surface.  I had about 2 hours of epic action fishing from the kayak iwth a spook.


Cape Cod Fishing

September 28 , 2014

Hit up freshwater today and scored a couple of big pickerel and a bunch of largemouth bass.  Big bass were chasing baby herring on the surface.

Cape Cod Fishing

September 27 , 2014

Perfect conditions and no fish.  WTF.  Could have picked off schoolies in deeper water but decided to stick to the flats and got blanked.

September 25 , 2014

More great action today.  Fish everywhere.  Epic action in the creeks today as well.


September 24 , 2014

Epic day on the flats.  Great action in the dark before the sun came up.  Was able to stay on fish all day.  Got em gurlgers and spooks.


September 14 , 2014

I braved the small craft advisory and battled out to the edge of the flats on a clear sunny day.  It was a sergeant schultz type of day if you know what I mean.  I did manage a late inning rally back in the creeks and got a dozen schoolies on a spook.


September 13 , 2014

Crappy weather kept us off the flats to day so we hit the freshwater.  Unfortunately we got blanked.  There were piles of baby herring dimpling the surface and an occasional trout rising but no action for us.

September 11 , 2014

Another epic day on the flats.  There were piles and pilles of fish in shallow water again crashing bait on the surface.  I was on them all day...again.  The wind went hard in a favorable direction for my night beach fishing spot so I took a nap and then hit the beach.  Conditions were perfect except the part about fish being there.  I got one schoolie and missed one.  It can't always be epic. right?


September 10 , 2014

And the fish kept coming. Wave after wave of fish chasing snapper blues, baby herring, sand eels and more! This was the most epic tailing action yet!


CApe Cod Fly Fishing  

September 9 , 2014

Even more tailing fish!  We crushed as many fish as we wanted on poppers and spooks.  Didn't have to fish the creeks the fish were all over the flats.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

September 8 , 2014

Tailing fish at dawn!  We had an epic morning of stripers in shallow water.  We got fish on the flats early then got em again in the creeks.

Cape Cod Fishing

September 7 , 2014

After a hard fought battle we crushed it during a late inning rally.  We fought wind and rain and no fish for a bunch of hours and then had fish after fish for about 2 hours on a topwater.  Epic rally.


Cape Cod Fishing

August 31 , 2014

We had an epic couple of hours from the beach.  We got a bunch of fish from 30-40 inches.  A favorable wind broght the fish close to shore and we stayed on them until lightining chased us away.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

August 30 , 2014

The flats were dead today.

August 26 , 2014

Incoming was the ticket again today.  There were not as many fish as yesterday.  We managed a few fish for the day.  No big fish caught but they were there.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

August 25 , 2014

Another dead dropping tide.  I managed to score a couple of fish from the few pods I ran into.  Incoming was much better.  Fish were on the move and it was very challenging with no wind.  Scored some nice fish on fly rod poppers.  I did see the biggest fish I have seen all year on the flats.  Of course he came out of nowhere moving straight at me.  I did a great job of scaring the crap out of him though!

August 24 , 2014

Well, we were where were supposed to be except...the fish weren't were THEY were supposed to be!  We had a beautiful twilight sky into sunrise and no tailers.  We spooked a few fish early on and hooked a couple of fish but that was it.  We did see a pile of nice fish move by us late in the tide and we got a couple of fish from that pod.

August 23 , 2014

Andrew and I had a good day on the water and we scored a few fish everwhere we stopped.  Nothing spectacular but we had enough action to keep us happy.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

August 14 , 2014

Another slow day on the flats.  We managed to score a few fish here and there but it wasn't up to standards today.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 12 , 2014

The action slowed a little today.  We managed to get a few fish early on and then they were hard to find on the flats.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 11 , 2014

Even more epic action on the flats today.  Crushed them on a gurgler.


Cape Cod Flyt Fishing  

August 10 , 2014

Another epic day on the shallow flats.  We got a pile of fish on poppers which is always epic.


Cape Cod Fishing

August 9 , 2014

Epic flats action this morning.  There we big fish in shallow in the dark and tailers at dawn.


Cape Cod Fishing

July 27 , 2014

Today almost sucked as bad as the last 2 days except we managed a few more schoolies than the first day.

July 26 , 2014

Well that sucked even worse that yesterday.  Blanked.  We put it all on black and crapped out.  No fish.

July 25 , 2014

Well that sucked.  Found like 4 random schoolies early then nothing.  Conditions seemed good and I thought we were in the right place at the right time, loads of bait and birds.  But what the hell do I know?  Stupid fish.

Cape Cod Fishing 

July 17 , 2014

We had a decent day on the water today.  We got a bunch of schoolied to start and then decided to hunt for larger fish on the flats.  The fish we there but not as plentiful as we would have liked.  We did manage to get 2 nice large size schoolies sight fishing with a sluggo.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 15 , 2014

It was blowing 25 today and the boys still wanted at it.  So we headed out and put ourselves in a favorable casting position and pounded on schoolies for the day.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 14 , 2014

Clouds shut down the sight fishing and we didnt find and fish in the shallows at dawn but we rallied and found a pile of schoolies to make the most of the day.  We did give the flats a try and saw the fish but it was way to late for a shot by the time we saw the fish.  Stupid weather.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 13 , 2014

Epic sight fishing today with many shots and some nice fish landed.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 12 , 2014

It was a great day on the flats with tailing fish at dawn.  We had shots all day and landed some nice fish on the fly. 


Cape Cod Fishing

June 29 , 2014

Had an ok wading trip today.  We saw some larger fish mixed in with schoolies in shallow water but the smaller fish were quicker to the fly and sluggo.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 28 , 2014

It was flat calm and sunny today which was good and bad.  Good in that we saw piles of fish and bad in that piles of fish saw us.  The fish were super spooky today and posed a challenge to even the best anglers.  We did did score fish and had many shots.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 27 , 2014

Had a good run at the flats on a windy day.  There were many nice fish around.  I managed to hook a few but the fish were hard to stick.  I had many shots which made for an exciting morning.


Cape Cod Fishing  

June 26 , 2014

Fished hard for 7 hours and only got 4 hits.  It looked like it would be an epic fail but I rallied and moved to a different location and found piles of larger sized schoolies feeding on sand eels in super shallow water.  I had about 2 hours of epic action with a sluggo.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 21, 2014

Kayak fishing for schoolies was good today.  Great fun with sluggos on top.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 17 night, 2014

Epic night beach fishing!  We switched it up and headed to the beach and scored.  We got fish up to the mid 30 inch range.


June 17 day, 2014

Not so epic sight fishing on the flats today.  High winds and clouds shut us down.  We did manage to score 1 fish.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 16, 2014

Epic sight fishing on the flats today.  We had many shots at piles of fish today and had plenty of hookups.


Cape Cod Fishing  

June 15, 2014

We dealt with a tough wind today and no fish on the flats.  We did have a late inning rally and ran up the numbers banging on schoolies.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 14, 2014

We had blitzing fish in shallow water and fog for most of the day.  They were tough to catch when the bait was thick but we did get our share. 


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 13, 2014

The wind was cranking but from a fishable direction.  We fished the extreme conditions and scored piles of fish for everyone.  No big fish today but then numbers made up for that.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 12, 2014

Flats fishing was good today with some nice keeper size fish caught on the fly.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 1, 2014

First keeper ever for Mark!  Congratulations!  Check out the video.  Today was the first epic flats fishing day of the season.  We had piles and piles of fish on a perfect sunny day.  What a day. 


Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 31, 2014

Piles of schoolies saved the day again.  The wind came up and kept us off the flats.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 30, 2014

After a slow start we scored the biggest striper on the fly yet this season.  It was a great take and battle.  We had shots at other nice fish as they appear to be moving in. 


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 29, 2014

Found piles of schoolies to play with.  A good day to get the numbers up.  No action on the flats, too windy.  Freshwater fishing in the afternoon was epic.  Check out the video:


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 28, 2014

Crappy northeast wind and rain kept us off the flats today.  We poked around some sheltered locations and picked up a few schoolies.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 27, 2014

We had perfect conditions this morning and we hit fish every place we stopped.  No large fish today but it was a great day.


Cape Cod Fishing

May 26, 2014

Another good day on the water.  Fish for everyone.  Not many large fish around today.


Cape Cod Fishing

Cape Cod Fishing 

May 25, 2014

The bigger fish have finally showed.  We had some epic night action on the flats today.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 19, 2014

More endless schoolie action and no sign of larger fish.  The wind shut down any chance of flats action but we managed to score ever spot we fished.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

Cape Cod Largemouth Bass Fishing  

May 18, 2014

Found piles of schoolies after some searching.  Still no larger fish.  Quantity definitely made up for any size issues.  I hit a new freshwater pond after leaving the salt and crushed largemouth bass and got a nice fat one.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 16, 2014

Got out before the wind came up and saw some signs of epicness out there.  I had piles of schoolies chasing sand eels in shallow water for about 2 hours then the wind came up and I had to get out of there.


Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 15, 2014

More schoolie action.  Plenty of fish for all but still no big boys yet.  Loads of bait out there.  It will break open soon.  Hit a pond for some freshwater action and scored some big pickerel and largemouths.  SO after thinking the trout werent feeling the love I hit another pond after nap time for some great trout action.  Scored some nice browns, a brookie and a smallmouth day.  It was a good day.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

May 14, 2014

The stripers finally made it.  We scored a pile of schoolies.  No big fish yet.  Got some nice fat largemouths in the freshwater.

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

May 3, 2014

The largemouth bass fishing was good today.  Pickerel were also active.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 29, 2014

First try for stripers came up bust.  We fished hard in crappy conditions with no paypff.  Fortunately the Cape has great freshwater fishing so we scored a few laregemouth bass and called it a day.

North Carolina Fishing  

April 20-23, 2014

Drove down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to chase redfish and wnything else we could find.  A coastal storm that blew 30 sustained with heavy rain for 48 hours made us work for it.  The weather finally broke an we scored slot redfish, pufferfish and sharks.

Cape Cod Fishing  

April 12, 2014

Had a great freshwater outing on the Cape today.  Scored 7 nice pickerel and a largemouth bass.  The herring runs are cranking right now.  The stripers are coming!


Mexico Fly Fishing

March 21, 2014

On the last day we decided to hack our way back to the some epic backcountry bonefish locations.


Mexico Fly Fishing

March 20, 2014

Permit day!  We got 3 permit in the  boat today.  We had shots at more.  They were on rays crusing the flats.  Cast at the ray, not the fish!  As soon as the fly hit the water the permit would shoot out from behind the ray to grab it.  Scored a big barracuda today as well.


Mexico Fly Fishing

March 19, 2014

Bonefish in the morning and shots at permit in the afternoon.  We saw a bunch of permit but wind and spooky permit werent going to make it easy.


Mexico Fly Fishing

March 18, 2014

Scored a nice snook today and lost a nice snook today.  The bonefish were cooperative as usual.


Mexico Fly Fishing  

March 17, 2014

Epic day on the water with a big permit and shots at others. We scored barracuda on the fly and a zara spook. The weather was a mix of sun and clouds and we made the most of it.


Mexico Fly Fishing

March 16, 2014

First day on the water in Mexico.  It was windy with broken clouds so we concentrated on bonefish in shallow water for the day.  We got plenty.  We had a few shots a permit but no hookups.  It was a great day.  Not many pictures today as we were all busy with bonefish.


Cape Hatteras

February 15, 2014

Had a long weekend to kill so Andrew and I drove to Cape Hatteras to see what it's all about.  I was reading fishing reports leading up to my visit and they have been crushing redfish in the surf.  As fate would have it, a wicked cold front and day after a full moon killed any action for me.  However, it was obvious that this place is epic and needs to be revisited.  Thinking about April.


Vieques Fly Fishing

February 10, 2014

Went back to the bonefish flat and didn't see any bones this time.  Saw some black tip sharks, rays and plenty of small fish. 

Vieques Fishing

February 9, 2014

Hacked our way through a gnarly jungle road to get to an epic salt pond inlet.  There was lots of action around.  Lots of different kinds of bait and birds.  Saw a big tarpon explode on bait way out ocasting range.  We could see baby tarpon popping bait way up underneath the mangroves but they never made out to give us a shot.  I did score a big barracuda on a zara spook.  It was a quick release as you can see.  Headed to an ocean front location with good structure for sunset and scored a couple of jacks on a zara spook


Vieques Fly Fishing

February 8, 2014

Headed down to Vieques, PR for scouting mission.  Checked out a DIY bonefish flat today and had some shots and one hook up.  The conditions were sunny and windy.

St. Martin Tarpon Fishing  

January 16, 2014

We fished with Richard Garrin of Tyt Lynz Charters down in St. Martin and scored some nice tarpon on light spinning tackle and fly rods.


Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

December 22, 2013

Got another good day for trout fishing.  We scored a bunch of fat rainbows, tiger trout and a nice male brown.


 Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

December 15, 2013

Got a break in the weather and took advantage of a mild December day and caught some mice trout in a kettle pond.  Got 2 fat rainbows and a nice tiger trout.

December  7-8, 2013

Got in a quick trip to Mexico and fished with my buddy Jose.  We caught bonefish after bonefish on the first day.  Nothing huge but lots of em.  We both were fishing and we doubled up for most of the day.  The second day we spent alot of time chasing permit but couldn't get any to eat.  I got a nice snook in shallow water and we scored plenty of bonefish again.  Barracuda were everywhere and we had some great hookups.


North Carolina Fishing  

November 7 - 11, 2013

I drove 900 miles solo to a beach in North Carolina for a scouting run.  It was epic beach fishing and camping trip.  I did more watching and learning the water than fishing.  I mostly bait fished mullet strips to see what was out there.  I caught redfish, flounder, seatrout and sharks.  Many, many options.  Planning to head back in April.


Cape Cod Fishing

October 19, 2013

Andrew and I had fun with some late season bass on the flats.  More topwater action on a light spinning rod.

October 14, 2013

Toured a bunch of fershwater ponds and finally found a pond with no people and it was epic.  Largemouth bass were chasing baby herring on the surface all over the pond.  Scored largemouth-o-plenty on a classic rapala floating minnow.

October 13, 2013

Crap conditions and slow tides shut down the salt.  Freshwater fishing was ok.  Managed to score a couple of rainbows but nothing like last week.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

October 8, 2013

Rough conditions shut down the salt.  The freshwater was good with a double header of largemouth bass and pickerel in one pond and fat rainbow trout in another.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

October 7, 2013

Had a terrible striper charter in the morning with tough conditions and no piles of fish.  We did manage to locate a pod of large fish in a run with the spook but couldnt get them to bite the fly.  Eventually found a smal pod of schoolies.  Headed out for a fresh water consolation session and scored a dozen fat rainbows on light spinning gear.  It was epic.

Cape Cod Fishing

October 6, 2013

Piles more fish and epic conditions made for an epic day on the water.  Andrew and I scored many fish up to 30 inches on flies and zara spooks.  We were on fish all day.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

October 5, 2013

The fish came in again and it was another great day. We were on fish for most the charter with Coach scoring his first bunch fly rod stripers. Bigger fish would have made it epic.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

October 4, 2013

First half of the charter sucked but we had an epic late inning rally.  Piles of schoolies came in on bay anchovies.  We had great shallow water action.  There were some larger fish mixed and we got a nice one.

Cape Cod Fishing

September 21, 2013

Switched from flats fishing to night beach fishing tonight.  Ran into the fish as soon as we got to the spot.  They were visible in the clear water under the moonlight.  The fish were everywhere but were extremely finicky.  There were silversides against the beach and the bass appeared to be chasing them but they were not hitting the usual stuff.  We switched around and eventually scored some nice fish.

Cape Cod Fishing

September 20, 2013

Tailing fish at dawn!  A massive school of fish flooded the flats and were tailing as far as you could see.  We stayed on them for over 2 hours and scored fish up to 32 nches.  We found the pod of schoolies again for another late inning rally.  It was a great day.

September 19, 2013

Found the tailers this morning.  We stayed on them as long as we could and then got pushed back by the tide. 

Cape Cod Fishing

September 18, 2013

After a slow start and no fish on the droppig tide, we found a pile of fish moving in with the tide and managed to score a pile of fish up to 28 inches on sluggos.  On the way back in we had a late inning rally and pounded on a school of schoolies.  Fish after fish after fish.

September 7, 2013

Hit the flats again today with better wind conditions and clear skies.  Got a shot a one fish, he ate and didn't get hooked and that was it.  Saw one other fish running for his life.  Oh fishing.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

September 6, 2013

When I got to the launch this morning the wind was up about 10mph over the forecast.  Decided to go for it anyway.  I battled my way out the break at the edge of the flats and managed to score 2 nice fish in the 30 inch class.  Epic runs into the waves.  Had a few more shots and takes but no more hookups.  It was worth the trip for sure.


Cape Cod Fishing

September 5, 2013

For the aftenoon shift I hit a freshwater pond to play with some largemouth and smallmouth bass.  I scored a pile a of small largemouths and 4 nice ones up to 4 lbs.  Also got a nice smallie.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

September 5, 2013

Tailing fish at dawn!  Love it!  We found a school of about 200 fish tailing in super shallow water and were able to pull a pile of fish form the fringe of the school.  We had some epic break offs on large fish and the last one greyhounded right throught school and blew it up.  It was a sight to see.

Cape Cod Fishing

August 31, 2013

We hit up the freshwater today and scored a pile of warmwater species, largemouth bass, pickerel, yellow perch, sunfish and a big shiner.  It was a good day on the pond.

Cape Cod Fishing

August 24, 2013

Fished the flats today and had no hookups.  Lots of tiny bluefish harassing bait all over the flats.  They were fun to watch.  We hit the freshwater in the afternoon and scored a pile of small largremouth bass.  It made up for the fishless morning.

August 23, 2013

Did a charter with Capt Eddie on Reel Attitude today and crushed bluefish and stripers.  Lots of multiple hookups and the bass were up to 25 lbs.  It was a good day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 7, 2013

Finally another epic predawn assault on the flats.  It was dead flat calm and the fish were active in the shallows tailing for sand eels and chasing snapper blues and silversides.  It was a sight.  I was on fish for 3 hours on the drop and had shots at spooky fish on the incoming.


Cape Cod Largemouth Bass Fishing  

August 6, 2013

Nap time then laregemouth bass fishing again.  Epic topwater action on the jitterbug.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 6, 2013

The wind died a little and it was clear again but I only managed to get fish on the drop. Scored a couple of nice fish just before dawn with a sluggo. I was drifting into fish and casting to them from the kayak. I had great expectations for the incoming tide and only saw fish here and there. Maybe tomorrow.

Cape Cod Largemouth Bass Fishing  

August 5, 2013

After a long nap, I hit a largemouth bass pond for some sundown action. I had great action on a jitterbug and black power worm. They were on the baby herring in the shallows.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 5, 2013

Hit the flats for the premoon tide and got my ass kicked.  15-20 mph wind coming in from the ocean.  It was clear out so I had to go and see.  I ran into a few fish early but that was it.  It was a beautiful morning with streaking asteroids before the sun came up.

August 4, 2013

Summer time largemouth bass fishing was good today.  Lots of fish, no big ones.  The fish were chasing baby herring. 

July 30, 2013

Well, we know where the fish aren't!  Our bass to miles ratio was 1 bass to 11.5 miles.  Not a good ratio!  We did see lots of bait and piles of very small bluefish working the bait.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 27, 2013

Epic sight fishing on the flats today.  We got what we came for.


Cape Cod Fishing

July 23, 2013

Another epic day on the flats.  Tailing fish at dawn again.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 22, 2013

Crushed it on the flats today. Epic run of fish on both sides of the tide. Fun for everyone.

July 21, 2013

Had a good predawn flats assault today.  Did well on the dropping tide but the sight fishing was shut down by clouds for incoming with the fishing becoming difficult.

July 20, 2013

It was hot as hell and windy today so I fished freshwater and caught piles of small largemouth bass on plastic worms and small plugs.

Cape Cod Fishing

July 19, 2013

Crushed it on the beach at night with plugs.  Epic wind in your face action with fish crashing the plugs on top.  Fish up to 20lbs.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

July 14, 2013

Sight fishing was great today.  The fog broke, the sun came out and the fish were there.

July 13, 2013

With a crappy sight fishing forecast I decide to hit the freshwater today and scored a load of largemouth bass.  It looks like the herring have hatched as the bass were chasing tiny baitfish in the shallows.

Cape Cod Beach Fishing  

July 12, 2013

Had a great night beach fishing trip and scored fish up to 38 inches.

Cape Cod Fly FIshing  

July 11, 2013

Poor conditions made for a slow day on the flats.  We saw a few tailing fish but had no shots at them.  Managed a decent fish on the flats and few schooies on a channel edge.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 8, 2013

We hit another high mountain lake today and did well again.  Lots of rainbows and brookies on the fly.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 7, 2013

We fished a smaller river today with lots of cool rapids.  We did well with dry flies again.


Montana Fly Fishing  

July 6, 2013

Floated the Yellowstone today and scored many rainbows and browns on dry flies and ultralight spinning gear.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 5, 2013

Epic high mountain lake fishing today.  We sight fished for piles of big rainbows.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 28, 2013

It was a tough day on the water with high winds and torrential downpours.  We had one hookup and saw a few fish in close quarters.  We gave it our best shot.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 27, 2013

Tailers in the fog.  After the fog burned off the sight fishing was challenging with many shots at picky but catchable fish.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 26, 2013

More tailing stripers.  Sorry if I keep repeating myself.  I will never get sick of tailing stripers.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 25, 2013

It was an epic day of sight fishing with more tailers and fish moving in with the tide.


Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

June 24, 2013

Took a break and fished a freshwater pond and scored a couple of smallmouths on topwater.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

June 23, 2013

More tailers than yesterday.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 22, 2013

Epic tailing fish at dawn.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 21, 2013

More action on the predawn tide.  We did all out business on the dropping tide.  Lost some nice fish.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 20, 2013

We had fish in the super shallows for the dark tide.  The fish were tough to catch as they were keyed in on the piles of sand eels on the bars.  We did hook some nice fish and had some epic break offs.

 Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 8, 2013

More epic conditions today. We had fish in front of us for most of the day. Schoolies were blitzing the surface early so we stayed on them for a while to get on the board and get some numbers. The we went looking for the big boys and found them. It was a good day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 9, 2013

We had epic conditions for sight fishing today and the fish were there.  There were tailers at sunrise and we had shots at some big boys on incoming.


Cape Cod Fishing

June 8, 2013

Flats fishingi n 40 mph wind and sideways rain is hardcore for sure.  We found some small fish in shallow water on the dropping tide and were able to get a few more on the incoming tide.  It was a a battle against the elements.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 2, 2013

The wind was really up today, 20 to start and 40 at the end of the day.  Gave the guys a chance to opt out but these guys are warriors they came to fish so we hit the flats on foot.  Wind was from our back and it was another bright sunny day wth great vision.  We saw a number of fish but being out there on foot meant limited time at each location because of the big tides.  We had good shots at fish and scored 2   nice fish and some schoolies.


June 1, 2013

WInd was up today.  It was a bright sunny day and we had shots a number of fish throughout the day but the smaller fish were quicker to the fly and the larger fish were finicky.  Wind was 20-25 on the way back in.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 31, 2013

A repeat of yesterday.  What more can I say?


Cape Cod Fly FIshing  

May 30, 2013

Epic sight fishing today.  Beautiful conditions and lots of fish.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 29, 2013

The wind and rain is back.  Gave the morning charter the choice to opt out today.  20-25 mph wind and driving rain.  I had to head out anyway to see if the fish are still out there and scored 3 nice fish in the 30-40 inch class and the got the heck out of there.  The forecast for tomorrow is good.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 28, 2013

Today was my finest day of sight fishing for stripers ever topped off with a 47 inch 40lb class stiper taken on the flats in less than 2 feet of water.  It took the fly 15 feet off the rod tip and it was beyond epic.  Besides that big fish I caught a pile of fish over 30 inches and had endless schoolie action.  The fish were everywhere.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 27, 2013

The sun finally came out however the water was still cool and the bait wasnt on the flats.  We did see enough nice fish on a scouting mission to feel good about tomorrow.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 26, 2013

We worked hard for our fish today.  The wind was relentless again.  We were able to find a few fish anyway and scored another first striper on a fly rod.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

May 25, 2013

No morning flats trip due to the monsoon.  Did a night beach run in the monsoon and got the wind behind us for some fly fishing.  Picked up a few fish in 3 hours and decided to change locations and found fish in the wind and rain.  Everyone hooked up.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 24, 2013

Had to cancel the morning charter due to the monsoon.  Sucks.  Got out for a scouting trip in the afternoon and found a good supply of fish.  Saw some big ones mixed in with the schoolies.  Will try here tomorrow.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 23, 2013

Went on another scouthing mission in the big dark in the big wind and ran into piles of fish on the flats in the dark.  When it got light out pods of fish were crashing bait on top.  Had to shorten the trip due to the high winds, tragic.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

May 22, 2013

Freshwater.  Had a great session fishing for big largemouth bass and pickerel with the fly rod and gulp worms.  There were loads of herring still in the pond.

May 22, 2013

Saltwater.  Scouted a new location today.  Had a solid 90 minutes of action on a flat with a number of pods of fish that were easy pickins on the fly rod.  The rest of the tide was quiet.


Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 13, 2013

We had a small window to get out before the wind came up and were able to score another first striper on the fly.  Only 6 fish for the day.  We did see the first signs of fish starting to move into shallow water during the day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 11, 2013

Oh stripers...just when you think you got them figured out.  No fish where we found them the last few days.  Wind came up too.   We did score a nice first striper on the fly rod that made the day.  Only 2 fish for the day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 10, 2013

New day, new tide, new pattern.  The fish were not where they were the last 2 days.  But we did find them and had a great outing, chasing schools of surface feeding stripers in the kayaks with fly rods.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 9, 2013

While you were sleeping...I was crushing it.  Check out the videos.


Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

May 8, 2013 part 2

Unable to contain my excitement from the morning I decided to check out a hot tip on a freshwater pond and scored big time.  Big angry pickerel and largemouth bass crushed a zara spook jr. and black power worms.  I caught many fish.  The pond was loaded with herring too.  More striper fishing in 14 hours!

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 8, 2013 part 1

Finally, the stripers are in!  Coach and I found a pile of fish in shallow water feeding on young of the year sand eels.  The action was good for the first half of the trip but we went looking for more and bigger fish and came up empty. It was a good start for sure.

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

May 4, 2013

Ripped it up in the freshwater today.  Scored a few dozen largemouth bass on small crankbaits and black power worms.  No big fish but lots of em.  Going for stripers on Wednesday.

April 28, 2013

Mocked by rising trout yet again.  It was another epic display of surface feeding fish, too bad I didn't have the key.  This will change.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 27, 2013

There was alot of fishing going on today but not alot of catching except for a yellow perch and a dropped smallmouth.  The herring are still running strong.  There were loads of trout rising on hatching bugs on the last pond we hit and they mocked me.  They wouldnt hit anything and I threw everything I had.  Anyway it was good to see so many fish.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

April 26, 2013

Was out on the flats for the full moon looking for any signs of stripers.  Nothing yet.  There were loads of mergansers and other predatory birds with gulls over them that got the blood pumping a couple of times but there were no fish.  I hit a couple of freshwater ponds on the way back to the outer cape and only managed to hook a common sucker on a crankbait of all things.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 21, 2013

Had a good day for a short outing on cold windy day.  Andrew and I managed to score a nice pickerel and a nice brown trout.  The herring were still moving.

Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

April 20, 2013

It was a great day on the ponds.  Caught a nice pickerel on a zara spook jr., largemouth bass, brown trout and yellow perch.  The herring were running strong.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 14, 2013

Air and water temps still cold.  Fish still sluggish in the ponds.  Fortunately a pissed off hungry yellow perch prevented me from getting skunked.

April 9, 2013

The stripers are in Rhode Island!

April 6, 2013

Sacrificed fishing to set up camp for the season.  All set to go.  The local ponds have been stocked.  Bring on the stripers!

Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

March 30, 2013

Let the trout fishing begin!  Most of the ponds have been stocked with the frst round of fish.  The water is still very cold and the fish arent that active yet.  We did manage to score a nice brookie.

Everglades Fly Fishing  

March 25, 2013

We fished from shore today focusing on access points along the Tamiami Trail and other canal sytems.  We scored a pile of ladyfish and a couple of small snook.  Bill hooked a nice schoolie tarpon at the end of the day that came off.

March 24, 2013

The wind was blowing 25 to 35 all day so that shut down many of my options.  I ended up launching from Chokoloskee Island and paddling about 15 miles up the Turner River.  It was a great paddle but did not find fish.  Many thanks to Capt Charles Wright from Chokoloskee Charters for loaning me a kayak for the day.  Capt Charles had many options from kayak fishing charters to flats boat charters to mulit day trips into the Everglades backcountry.

Everglades Fly Fishing  

March 23, 2013

Continued the hunt for the big boys and found them again but once again couldn't get them to bite.  Highlight of the day was a beautiful slot redfish on the fly.  So much water and so little time.

March 22, 2013

Went on a hunt for giant tarpon today in the Everglades area.  We set up on a couple of bays where the big boys are known to frequent and saw some rolling fish and occasionally one hitting a baitfish.  However, the fish had other things on their minds besides eating our fly.  It was cool to see these big fish.  We did manage to hook a couple of seatrout and snapper.


February 4, 2013

Fished the Everglades canals by car today and had fun with small tarpon and snook.  It was a slow fishing day but the area we covered has great potential.  Saw loads of manatees and gators.  Lots of bait and birds as well.

Florida Snook Fishing  

February 3, 2013

Explored an area of SW Florida today.  We scouted some backcountry rivers and bays looking for snook and tarpon.  A cold front passed through recently and the fishing was tough although we did manage a couple of small jack cravalle and mangrove snapper on a fly and missed some good strikes on the day shift.  After a dinner break we headed out on the night shift and fished for snook in the dock lights along the endless residenial canals. I got my photo fish, a nice snook on the fly and we scored a bunch of small angry jack crevalle.  It was a good intro to the area.  The fishing could be epic with the right conditions. We are fishing the Everglades/Big Cypress area tomorrow on foot.

Cape Cod Fishing  

January 13, 2013

The first day of fishing for the 2013 season was great.  You never know what to expect on a January day on the Cape but we did good on a short outing.  We fished a 2 story pond system and scored a nice hungry pickerel and a nice brown trout.  There

Mexico Fly Fishing Snook  

Mexico Fly Fishing Tarpon  

Mexico December 2012

I didnt fish my usual location in A Bay as my buddy Jose was out of town, so I fished the Cancun area for a change of pace.  I had challenging weather conditions, everyday I fished was windy 15-25 and a mix of sun and clouds but that's fishing.  Also had full moon to deal with but still managed to have some epic moments.  I fished a few days in the lagoons around Cancun.  On the first day I had shots at a few rolling tarpon under the mangroves but no takes.  I got a few snapper and small barracuda and then got blown out.  Another day I had shots at snook moving along the mangrove edges but they would not eat.  That was on the full moon.  I was able to pick a nice one out of the mangroves a couple of days later.  I did a flats day at Isla Blanca and stuck a few nice schoolie tarpon in the mangroves in the morning when the conditions were perfect.  It was epic.  After that I chased permit on the flats but couldnt set up on one for a shot.  We found a school of tarpon rolling in a deep channel and conditions got worse so we had to bail out.  Both locations definitley have epic potential with good conditions.  There were piles of bait and life, definitely a healthy ecosystem.    Heading Southwest Florida with the Seafox next month!

Cape Cod Largemouth Bass Fishing  

December 15, 2012

Another cold weather run on the kettle ponds yielded some great December bass fishing.  I got a bunch of largemouth bass and a pickerel.  I missed a number of fish too, including a big fish that just missed at the boat.

Cape Cod Largemouth Bass Fishing  

December 14, 2012

A brief early moring session on a local kettle pond yielded a couple of nice bass and a nice pickerel.  The action wasn't hot but a big fat bass in december made it worth it.  Went looking for trout and salmon in another pond and got skunked.

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

December 9, 2012

After a slow start, I had a big rally and boated 2 nice largemouth bass and nice pickerel in a 15 minute window.  Also missed a large pickerel at the boat.  Another good day for December.

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

December 8, 2012

Hit the kettle ponds today and found another midge hatch with finicky trout rolling under them.  After getting blanked in that pond we switched gears and moved to another pond to fish for warmwater species and found some largemouth bass, pickerel and yellow perch.  The fishing wasn't hot but we were catching fish in December!

Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

December 1, 2012

Fished local kettle ponds for trout and scored a couple of brown trout on small kastmasters.  There was a midge hatch and the fish were rolling on the bugs.  Not very interested in hardware.  Fly rods next time out.

October 13, 2012

Fished hard from sunrise to sunset with mixed results.  My guy wanted to roll the dice on the beach and crapped out.  We had great access to the beach and were rolling pre dawn but there were no fish for the shore based angler on the outer beaches we covered.  We made a big location change and hit the flats on another part of the Cape and finally found fish.  There were a pile of schoolies stacked up on the channel edge.  We found a couple fish on the flats too.  There was a huge pod of birds working a few miles away but it was too far in fading light to go for it.  If we stayed past dark we could have killed em.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

October 8, 2012

Had a quick start with everyone hooking up but then we couldn't find the fish for oh about the next 4 hours.  Fortunately we found the fish working under birds and had a fantastic 2 hour late inning rally.  A pile of schoolies moved in on silversides and we tripled up time after time.  It was epic schoolie action on the fly.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

October 1, 2012

After working hard to find the fish, our predawn kayak assault on the flats paid off and we ran into a blitz on the outer bars that yielded a bunch of fat schoolies.  The fish were gorging on a mix of bait and readily to the fly.  We got a few more fish on the incoming tide and almost picked a few off sight fishing but the wind came up and we took off.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

September 30, 2012

It was tough night on the beach we got a nice fish early on and had some good strikes but the fish moved on and we didnt get on them again.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

September 28, 2012

We dodged the weather this morning and had a great offshore kayak trip.  3-8lb bluefish provided some great action on light spinning gear and plugs.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

September 22, 2012

Albies in the morning and stripers at night.  Got a couple more albies in the morning out in the kayak on light spinning gear.  After a siesta we hit the beach to scout some night fish locations and found fish.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

September 17, 2012

The albies are in! Scored 4 from the kayak. 2 on spinning gear and 2 on th fly. Epic.

Cape Cod Fly FIshing  

September 16, 2012

Andrew and I hit the flats again for another predawn kayak assualt this morning and found fish scattered about the flats but no real big concentrations of fish or big fish.  The fish were in shalllow water so it was awesome.  Only a few fish on the surface later into the tide.    It was a great day on the water.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

September 15, 2012

A late summer predawn assault on the flats with kayaks paid off for stripers in shallow water on the fly.  No big fish around but got a couple close to legal fish.  There was a bunch of surface action after sunrise.  All kinds of different baits were getting chased by a mix of bass an d blues.  There were larger fish hit shad but hard to get to.

Montana Fly Fishing

September 3, 2012

Had a great cruise through Yellowstone NP and saw the usual piles of wild animals and wild tourists.  We put in on the Yellowstone just outside the park and had a great day pounding on all the usual Yellowstone River species. 

Wyoming Fly Fishing

September 2, 2012

Another windy day on the Clark's Fork.  Fishing was epic again as well.  Same as yesterday except even more wind.  After the float we bailed out of Clark's Canyon and took off for the Yellowstone.  We camped on an epic moutain pass in the national forest lands just outside of Yellowstone NP.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

September 1, 2012

Right after the canyon trip I jetted out Billings, MT to fish with my guide buddy Russell Ellwel on the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone in Wyoming and the Yellowstone River in Montana.  We battled high winds in the cayon for some epic hopper fishing for rainbows, browns, brookies and cuthroats. 

Cape Cod Tuna Fishing  

August 30, 2012

I was a guest angler on an epic offshore canyon trip today with Capt Eddie Carreiro on the Reel Attitude.  It was a long day, we launched at 0200 and got back to the dock at 2100.  But it was way worth it.  We scored loads of longfin tuna averaging 30 to 50 lbs and a pile of mahi mahi.  We got some big hits from bigger game as well.  At one point we had 6 out of 8 rods hooked up.  We actually had to take out lines out of the water to eat lunch!

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

August 19, 2012

Went back to look for those schoolies on the shallow flats again and only found a few here and there.  It was a beautiful morning.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

August 18, 2012

Checked out a different location this morning and found a pile of cooperative schoolies to beat on.  Unfortunately we were chased off the flat earlier than we wanted by thunderstorms.  We checked out the outer beaches but got nothing as expected with the sun out and all.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

August 17, 2012

Back on the water after getting rained out yesterday.  Beautiful conditions.  Found fish but nothing spectacular.  Got 2 keeper sized fish and a bunch of schoolies scattered about.

Cape Cod Fly FIshing

August 15, 2012

It was a sweet predawn assault on the flats today.  Weather was perfect and we found fish in shallow water in August.  Pods of b  ass and blues were pounding on bait.  It was a great day.

New York Lake Trout Fishing  

August 10-12, 2012

Traveled to upstate NY to the Finger Lakes Region to fish with my good buddy Christian Elwell for midsummer lake trout.  We "pulled coppah" for fat lakers on the bottom.  It was great fun and we ate well.

August 6, 2012

After an early threat of rain the sun came out and we had a great day wading the flats.  We found pockets of schoolies at the depth changes on the walk out and eventually ran into some nice bonefish like schools of 10-18 inch schoolies.  We saw some more nice schools at the start of the incoming tide too.  A great day for the dog days of summer. 

August 5, 2012

Absolutely nothing happening on the outer beaches, at least where I was, at sunrise.  Tough midsummer conditions.  Cut the mission short.  Try again on the flats tomorrow.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 4, 2012

Another great early morning day on the flats.  We found the bluefish out on the edge again and eventually found tailing and schooling bass in the shallows.  The bluefish came in on the flats on the incoming tide with the bass.  It was a good day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 3, 2012

It was another mid summer predawn assault on the flats today.  The edge of the flats was where it was at.  We got schoolie bass and the bluefish were out there again.

August 2, 2012 

The predawn midsummer action was hot.  After a little poking around we found schools of stripers in the shallows and eventually ending up doing battle with lots of breaking 2-5lb bluefish.  Crushed them with the fly rod and surface flies.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 29, 2012

A pile of 2-5lb bluefish lit up a cloudy day on the outer bars today.  Sight fishing was a bust but there was classic water to fish on the channels that held blues that readily hit anything.  Topwater action was awesome.  There was one lone stiper caught and I saw cruising fish in the rips but with no sun it was hard to target these fish.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

July 18, 2012

Nailed it again, althought they made me work a little to find them, but when we found them it was epic.  Tailing schools of stripers started to show all over.  When the tide turned bluefish joined in the mix.  We had action right til the end.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 17, 2012

Nailed it this morning.  Made a predawn assault on the flats and found the fish.  We hunted around and found tailing and feeding fish in super shallow water.  Even bigger pods of fish came in with the tide.  It was a great trip for mid-July.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 7, 2012

The fishing turned on for our last day on the river.  We got brook trout, rainbows and grayling.  Contact me for information on planning your Montana Fly Fishing trip.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 6, 2012

The bite was off today.  We had great conditions with not much action.  Managed not to get skunked.  Scenery was epic. No such thing as a bad day of fishing.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 5, 2012

Fantastic day on the Big Hole.  The overcast, cooler day made for an enjoyable float.  Scnerey was epic and there were very few people on the river.  The fish were active.  We scored nice rainbows and browns on dries and nymphs.  They were finicky but catchable.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 4, 2012

Fished a short stretch on the Big Hole today.  The river had been pounded all day and we managed a few fish on dry flies.  Epic scenery.  Looking forward to a long day on the river tomorrow.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 3, 2012

Had an great day on the Yellowstone today.  The wind was cranking around 25-35 mph but we still pounded on cuththroat, browns and rainbows with dry flies and micro spinning outfits.  Heading to the Big Hole tomorrow.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 29, 2012

Had better weather today but fishing was slow.  We had some epic moments that made the day however.  We did score a fat schoolie sight fishing on the incoming tide and had a few more shots.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 24, 2012

Sight fishing the flats was a challenging and as good as it gets.  We had perfect weather and lots of fish around.  The fish were super finicky today but we managed to score a nice 39 inch striper and a nice bluefish. 

Cape Cod Fishing

June 23, 2012

Tragically had to cancel the morning charter due to thunderstorms.  Rallied later on that day in the freshwater to score a nice smallmouth bass on a zara spook jr.  Epic explosion on it in super shallow water, that fish jumped 6 feet out of the water!

Cape Cod Fishing

June 19, 2012

It was a repeat performance on the flats this morning.  More tailing and feeding fish in the super shallows.  It was an epic falling tide.  Incoming tide sucked because we had no sun again.  We ran into fish but it was futile because of the lack of vision.

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 18, 2012

Time for the predawn new moon assualt.  The payoff was big.  We found piles of tailing fish in super shallow water for as far as the eye could see.  We were all alone!  We were able to stay on them until the tide went flat.  Sight fishing on the incoming tide was no good with the clouds.

June 17, 2012

The wind finally calmed down a little and we hit the flats early.  Loads of bait and little sign of fish.  It was cloudy and we never got to see an nice fish.  We did hit a pod of schoolies and stayed with them until the tide pushed us away.

June 16, 2012

Cancelled today.  Wind was too much.  Will it ever stop?  No way to access the fish for fly anglers.

June 15, 2012

Will the wind ever stop?  No flats fishing today.  Opted to fish with the wind at our back on the beaches.  The outcome was terrible, first skunking of the season.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 14, 2012

Another tragically windy day.  We decided to go to a flats location as the sun was forecast to come out.  Well the sun didnt come out and the wind picked up sooner than forecasted so it basically sucked.  We had one good hookup that went deep into the backing but dropped him.  There was only one fish caught.  We attempted to fish a tidal creek on the incoming tide and came up empty there too, save a few hickory shad.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 13, 2012

The wind let up a little but it was cloudy and rainy, so sight fishing was out.  We did the first half of the day on the beach and scored a nice bluefish on light tackle.  We switched to the kayak for the second half and lit up the schoolies big time.  They hit sluggos on top.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 12, 2012

Crappy Northeast wind today so we opted for fishing the beaches.  We had beautiful conditions but not many fish.  The highlight of the day was, unfortunately, me landing a 40 inch fish.  I would rather the clients do the catching!

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 11, 2012

Same story as yesterday.  Accessing the fish was even more difficult with the higher low tide.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 10, 2012

Found the fish on the flats again, however they were on the edge and difficult to access.  We danced around the outer bars and saw some nice fish.  We only managed to stick a handful.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 9, 2012

Another great day of challenging sight fishing.  We had lots of shots and hooked and dropped a big fish.  Close enought to be considered an LDR.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 1, 2012

Redemption!  Same anglers as yesterday and rougher conditions,  but everyone hooked up.  The conditions were tough with 2 to 4 foot swells coming across the flat.  The fish were there again, big ones.

May 31, 2012

Epic sight fishing conditions and lots of big finicky fish on the flats frustrated my fly fishing anglers today.  Rule number 1, sight fishing for big stripers in shallow clear water is hard.

 Cape Cod Fishing

May 30, 2012

Sight fishing today was tough. The wind was ok but the sun was not so much. We found plenty of breaking schoolies to chase however they were small and tough to stay with when there were bigger fish moving around the flats. We saw lots of nice fish but they were all too close to have a shot. Did hook up and drop 3 nice fish.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

May 29, 2012

Veteran South Florida angler Bill Ackourey had a great day of sight fishing.  We had great conditions and saw lots of fish.  We got a bunch of schoolies and were able to fool a couple of the finicky single big fish.

May 28, 2012

Poor conditions for sight fishing today put a damper on out success rate, however, there were a lot of fish that came into this location on the tide.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 27, 2012

Another great adventure with Coach Gorski.  We explored a creek system starting at 0100 and found all kinds of cool features to fish.  Riding the tide in we didnt find any fish.  However, at dawn we found the fish and did well on schoolies and scored a nice 38 inch fish on light tackle from kayaks.

May 26, 2012

Sight fishing on the flats was acceptable today.  We had a 40+ inch fish take a sluggo 15 feet in front of us in clear water.  Epic take but an epic break off as well.  Got about a dozen schoolies and had shots at more large fish but no takes.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 20, 2012

It was an interesting day with loads of super finicky stripers making fun of us for most of the day.  We got into a bunch of schoolies to start then headed out onto the shallow flats to do battle with the big boys.  We had one big hookup that was dropped and landed one of the smaller fish.  Oh fly fishing...if we only had a fresh sand eel!

Cape Cod Fishing

May 19, 2012

Good conditions for the new moon tides continues and so does the epic fishing.  After a little poking around we found the fish. Joe T's first striper he ever caught was a keeper and we continued pick off fish on the dropping tide.  Then we tossed fresh sand eels at pods of stripers coming in on the incoming tide.  The forecast for tomrrow is good too.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 18, 2012

Epic from start to finish.  Flat calm conditions made it easy to find the fish in the dark.  Fished from the kayak and pulled in a number of meaty 30-35 inch class stripers before the sun came up.   Switched to the fly rod at twilight and pounded on fish of all sizes.  The sun came up and it was sight fishing mania.  The fish were picky but they were plentiful.  Gonna try this again tomorrow.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 17, 2012

High wind and fog cancelled the night scouting run.  Wind still up during the day, so I checked out a flats area that was out of the wind and now I know where the fish are not.  Saw 4 singles all day.  There were a few pods of small sand eels and saw a podmof herring running like hell.  Forecast for the overnight is good.

May 12, 2012

Went all in at a sight fishing location and the wind came up and blew us out.  No fish today.  If we were more aggressive with the kayaks we could have found fish.  It was a tough day to get around in a kayak.  Looking forward to the new moon coming up.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 7, 2012

Another epic day thanks to young-of-the-year sand eels, a big tide and lots of big bass.  There was a massacre a dawn when this huge biomass of bass found the sand eels.  Some of the fish got so greedy that they got stranded by the low tide on the flats.  It was an amazing sight.  About a dozen fish were stuck in about 2 inches of water until the tide came back.  About 100 fish in a couple of different pods were swimming around in a big landlocked tidal pool caused by the big tide.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 6, 2012

Another great day with Coach Gorski.  Definitely not a repeat of yesterday but Coach landed some nice fish in the mid 30 inch range.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 5, 2012

This was the day you dream about.  Epic fishing for the entire trip.  The only problem is the guy that was supposed to fish with me decided to SLEEP IN.  So I crushed fished from 0300 to 1100 by myself.  No one is crying for me.  I cast flies to tailing fish in the shallows, massive schools in open water and piles of big fish invading narrow creeks with the incoming tide.  It was beyond epic.  I dropped a couple of monsters at the boat.  Heading back to try again tomorrow.  Got Coach Gorski with me tomorrow.  Can't wait!

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 3, 2012

First bluefish blitz of the season!  I was scouting locations today and noticed some bird activity far out on the horizon.  With nothing going on around me I decided to make a break for it and hope they were still there by the time I made it out.  Fortunately there was a pile of bluefish crushing baitfish when I got there.  Bluefish after bluefish for about 2 hours all in the 5-10lb class.  It was epic.  No bass around.  Will try another location tomorrow.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

April 29, 2012

Game On!  Thanks for the tip Tom!  On the board!  First fish of the season was around 30 inches.  Sweet, right?....and in April no less!  I got 3 more fish and saw some nice schools moving around.  No sleep til November! 

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 28, 2012

Scouting for the first wave today, we covered alot of beautiful flats but did not run into any fish at this location.  I did get a call from a fellow fishing warrior, Tom Kulis, letting me that there were keepers at the location he was fishing at.  You know I'm heading there tomorrow.  No reason to get skunked when there are freshwater fish all over the place just waiting to be caught, so we headed to my go to freshwater pond and pounded on panfish and ended the day with a nice pickerel.  It was an epic battle on micro lite tackle.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 21, 2012

Another epic day of pond fishing in one of my favorite kettle ponds.  We scored largemouth bass, white perch, yellow perch, sunfish and golden shiners.  Lots of fish today, the pond was alive with hungry fish.  There is word that the stripers are here.  Schoolies are being caught in the usual early season spots.

Cape Cod Pond Fishing  

April 16, 2012

It was perchzilla day today. We hooked a bunch of nice sized yellow perch.  The trout were finicky and did not take the dries we got them on a couple of days before.

Cape Cod Pickerel Fishing  

April 15, 2012

Fished a warmwater species pond today and came up with largemouth bass, pickerel and yellow perch.  All fish hit a silver vibrax spinner.

Cape Cod Fishing  

April 14, 2012

Spring is here.  The dry fly fishing has turned on.  Some of the Cape's trout ponds are experiencing cool bug hatches.  If you can match it you win.  If you don't you can still catch one here and there.  We also got trout on kastmasters.

Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing  

April 8, 2012

It was a little warmer today with lighter winds but the fish were not that aggressive today.  Yellow perch were everywhere and I noticed some of the largemouth pairing up near the spawning areas.  The next push of warm weather should kick the freshwater fishing into high gear.  There is also word of stripers in the area.

Cape Cod Fishing  

April 7, 2012

So much for summer coming early.  It was cold and windy out there today but we managed to score some more largemouth bass twitching floating swimming plugs on the surface and on power worms.  There were plenty of yellow perch around as well.

Cape Cod Pickerel Fishing  

March 25, 2012

We found largemouth bass, pickerel, yellow perch and sunfish in this kettle pond.  Epic plastic worm fishing for the largemouth.  The pickerel was fat.  It is great to see the ponds coming to life.

Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

March 24, 2012

More hot freshwater fishing in the kettle ponds.   We scored brook trout, tiger trout, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch on micro lite spinning tackle and on the fly.

Cape Cod Trout Fishing  

March 17, 2012

Had an epic day of trout fishing on a secret  Cape Cod pond  today.  We scored about 20 fish total, all nice brook trout from 10 to 14 inches.  They aggressively took kastmasters on mico spinning gear.  It was a great way to start the local trout season.

Key West Flats Fishing  

March 2, 2012

Headed out with Capt Todd Bowen on his rocket ship flats boat the Lobo for some great Key West flats fishing.  We fished for baby tarpon early in the morning and jumped one and leadered one.  The setting was beautiful in the Key West NWR.  The we moved to a small channel out on the flats and pounded on a wide variety of fish on fly and light spin tackle.  We caught a lookdown, pompano, cerro mackerel, various snapper, piles of ladyfish, piles of jack crevalle and the catch of the day a 12-14lb cobia.  Check out the cobia video on my YouTube channel.  It was a great day with Capt Todd.

Big Pine Key Kayak Fishing  

March 2, 2012

Back down at Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Cottages in Big Pine Key, Florida.  Capt Bill Keough strapped our kayaks to his Carolina skiff and he shuttled us out to the backcountry to do some kayak fishing on the flats.  We caught loads of barracuda opn spinning gear and fly gear.  There were many sharks, mostly small bonnetheads, lemons and black tips.  We saw 2 schools of 10-12lb permit and I was able to stalk and get a good shot at 25lb class fish feeding all alone.  The fly picked up grass on the strip and he  hated that.  It was a great day.

Big Pine Key Kayak Fishing  

February 4, 2012

Headed for the US tropics of the Lower Keys in Florida for a scouting mission to check some of the warm weather fishing options here in the good ol US of A.  We hooked up with Capt Bill Keough who owns and operates Big Pine Kayak Adventures.  Unfortunately it was too windy to any long distance exploring so we opted to fish the lee side of No Name Key.Bill loaned us some kayaks and we caught as many mangrove snapper as we wanted.  The water was clear and we saw loads of bait fish, juvenille barracuda and small sharks.  It was good to see it was such a healthy ecosystem.  We did well for what we had to work with.  We were supposed to fish tomorrow on the flats but got blown out.   Back down next month to try again.

Mexico Fly Fishing

December 29, 2011

A cloudy windy rainy day kept us close to home today but Jose found us fish cast at.  It was extremely challenging and we did not do well in the catching department.  We still saw fish and had fun.

Mexico Fly Fishing

December 28, 2011

Back to Bonefish U.

Mexico Fly Fishing

December 27, 2011

We chased tapron in the ocean surf in the morning and then headed for pods of breaking jack crevalle.  It was a like a bluefish blitz.  There were also permit, cobia and sharks swimming by.

Mexico Fly Fishing

December 26, 2011

We had a great day chasing all kinds of fish and ended the day at a location I call Bonefish University.  It was a huge super shallow bay loaded with cruising bonefish.  You had to be on you A game here.  Loads of shots and loads of fun.

Mexico Fly Fishing 

December 24, 2011

Everybody loves a permit on the fly.  We saw lots of fish today, many different species.

Mexico Fishing

December 23, 2011

Ascension Bay is one of the greatest places to fish on earth as well as one of the most challengin.  Fortunately for me, I get to fish with the best guide on the Bay, my friend,  Jose Enrique Ucan Briceno.  Let me know if you want to go and I will get you in touch with him.

Padre Island Fishing

November 23-27, 2011

Headed down to fish the Padre Island National Seashore in Texas.  Didnt have much time as I would have liked but I did well with time I had.  I spent most of my time at the Mansfield Cut.  There was a hug school of finger mullet wrapped around the jetty and the fish were pounding on them.  I hooked a big kingfish and a big jack crevalle and had a number of breakoffs.  This is a fantastic location with a wide variety of fish.  I will be heading back for a longer trip next year.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

October, 2011

October fishing was hot and cold.  Night fishing produced the most consistent catches.  Flats and kayak fishing were a crapshoot.  Some days the kayak fishing was lights out, jigging for suspended fish.  Other days were barren.  Down by the canal fishing was hot through October and into November.

September 27, 2011

Headed back out to the flats where all the action was happening and found similar conditions with finicky fish.  They did not want the fly but did want fresh sand eels.

September 26, 2011

Finally got someone to head out at the right time and we found fish.  Unfortunately the fish seemed to have lockjaw and would not take a fly.  It was a case of too much bait and not enough fish.  Bait fishing with sand eels would have been the ticket.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

September 25, 2011

So the previous day's angler was booked for today as well but cancelled.  Not cool actually.  I went out solo at the proper time and ran into piles of feeding fish in shallow water.  The fish were extremely finicky but they were there and I hooked up a number of times.  Some of the fish were large.

September 24, 2011

Same angler, same story, did not want to fish when I told him to.  We did a great kayak trip and covered alot of ground but only saw about a half a dozen fish that were running scared.  Why dont people listen to me?

September 23, 2011

The angler did not want to fish the recommended times and paid the price.  We should have fished in the dark but we didnt and we bascially did the grand tour on the outer cape and came up empty aside from a couple of mackerel.

Cape Cod Fishing

September 17, 2011

Double shifted today and got blanked on both charters.  That sucks.  The fish were everywhere yesterday.

September 16, 2011

Massive blitz on the outer beaches in the big wind.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

September 9-12, 2011

It should have been lights out on this set of tides but like the stripers have been known to do they changed the rules of the game.  I fished 4 predawn tides and only came up with a few fish each day and not the epic moon tide action I expected.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

September 3, 2011

Had a great trip today with Mike and Luis.  We kayak fished and 8 year old Luis scored himself a couple of nice stripers.  Dad got in on the action as well.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

August 29, 2011

Even thought the river came up a little and was a little muddy we still had a great day of hopper fishing.  Anyone interested in a classic Wyoming or Montana trout fishing adventure should contact my friend Russ Elwell at 406-223-5944 or email at

Wyoming Fly Fishing

August 28, 2011

Today we hiked up into Calark's Canyon and scored trout everywhere we fished.  More epic scenery and fishing.  Then we jumped back in the raft and spent the rest of the afternoon pounding on fish all the way back to camp.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

August 27, 2011

Epic hopper fishing today!  The river was packed full of hungry trout that slammed hoppers all day long.  Peter scored a Yellowstone Grand Slam:  rainbow, cutthroat, brown and brook trout.  The weather was perfect and the food was great too!

Wyoming Fishing

August 26, 2011

Arrived at base camp today.  We set up near the mouth of Clark's Canyon on the banks of the Clark's Fork of the Yellowsone River.  Epic camp location and views.  We will hit it hard tomorrow.

August 23, 2011

This Friday I'll be heading to fish the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone River with my guiding buddy Russ Elwell until next Wednesday.  Back in action for the beginning of the late summer/fall season after that.

August 21, 2011

Finally found some fish to play with today. Headed out to an old faithful kayak fishing spot and the fish were there. Nothing huge but lots of pissed off schoolies that readily hit sluggos on light spinning gear.

August 20 , 2011

Did a scouting trip to the flats today to see what was happening and found a number of fish cruising the shallows.  We had a few shots and follows but no hookups.

August 14, 2011

No fishing today either.  Andrew I are at the Indy Car Race at NH Motor Speedway.  Sweet.

August 13 , 2011

No fishing today.  Andrew and I watching the Thunderbirds today at Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH.  Epic show!

August 8, 2011

Tuna trip was cancelled today due to weather.

August 7, 2011

Night fishing is the best option right now but nobody wants to go!  Nothing spectacular is happening out there yet but there are fish to catch.  It's all about doing what it takes to catch them.

August 6, 2011

Good conditions but no fish today.  August flats fishing is not the best bet but the guys wanted to go.  We catch some small mackerel and saw loads of bait on the incoming tide but no fish on them.  It was a frustrating day for sure.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

August 5, 2011

Speaking of anglers that will do what it takes to catch fish, Coach Gorski and I headed out predawn in kayaks in search of stripers today.  After trying a couple of locations we made the move to the consistent spot of the season and pounded on stripers up to 35 inches.

July 24, 2011

Cancelled trip today due to wind conditions.

July 23, 2011

We had every intention of having an epic day of flats fishing today but mutha nature wasn't having any of that.  We paddled out to our location only to have to run away from thunder and lighting.  We did gt one fish on the retreat paddle.

July 22, 2011

We did our best attempting a flats fishing trip today but the conditions were a little too advanced for my rookie fly anglers.  We did see fish and had shots but no takers.  We worked on casting techniques, general flats fishing theory and told lots of stories!

July 17, 2011

Had a great day of kayak fishing wit Frederickson clan.  We caught a pile of schoolies up to 27 inches.

July 15,16 2011

Conditions changed for the worse these 2 days and few fish were caught.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

July 14, 2011

A late inning rally saved the day of kayak fishing with young anglers Stephen and Tyler.  Just as we thought we were going to get blanked and blitz started and everyone caught fish.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 13, 2011

It was an epic day of flats fishing.  We ran into piles of fish at dawn and stayed on the fish for the entire charter.  We sight fished for stripers up to 40 inches.  It was non stop action.  We wish everyday was like this!

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

July 10, 2011

Kayak fishing was great today.  Everyone got fish and we took one to eat!

July 9, 2011

Attempted a mid day flats fishing trip and didn't see a thing.  It was a beautiful day but the fish were not there.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

July 4, 2011

The father son team of Mike and Ross ripped it up on Freedom Hawk Kayaks today.  It was a "numbers" day as Ross caught over 20 fish and his dad Mike was in double digits with some fly rod fish.  The biggest fish was 29 inches and was eaten.  Yum.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 2, 2011

Finally!!!  An epic day on the flats.  Kenny Mendez hit the jackpot today.  It was flat calm and we found a pile of tailing stripers in super shallow water.  This was the day every flats angler dreams of.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

July 1, 2011

Things picked up a little today.  We had a brief early morning encounter with a nice pile of fish on a dark flat that yielded a fat 40+inch striper on light spinning tackle and also got one on the fly.  We had many shots.  The end of the trip was slow, we saw sporadic fish on the incoming tide but no hook ups.

June 30, 2011

Another rough day on the water.  We attempted an afternoon flats fishing trip to a prime location that wasnt so prime that day.  We didnt have the best conditions to work with and we gave it out best shot but it wasnt to be today.

June 29, 2011

Back on the Cape for a night surf fishing trip only to get blanked.  We fished long and hard to no avail.  They were not there.  The report from the other beach locations were slow as well. 

Montana Fly Fishing  

June 26, 2011

Another hard day of streamer fishing with only a few fish.  The highlight of the day was a pocket of rising Grayling.  Veteran angler Elwin Schutt landed a couple on a dry fly.

Montana Fly Fishing  

June 25, 2011

We streamer fished down into the deep water and managed a couple of nice browns and some whitefish.  The weather and food was great!

Montana Fly Fishing

June 24, 2011

Drifted the Big Hole River in Montana today.  River was high but life was good.  We did manage to not get skunked but it was a tough day fishing.  There was still a pile of snow in the mountains and it looks like the water will be high for a while on some rivers.  Get with my guide buddy Russ Elwell for spring creek and lake fishing options.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 19, 2011

Had a great Father's Day Charter with Ron and Kai Sweeten and my son Andrew.  We hit a blitz on the edge of the flats and got a bunch of schoolies on sluggos.  Everyone had fun.

June 18, 2011

The fish were on the flats again today but with the fast moving tide they were difficult to stay on.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 17, 2011

Finally had a decent day flats fishing.  We got a handful of fish in shallow water on sluggos and flies.

June 16, 2011

Even though the weather was beautiful today, the fish decided they had lockjaw.  We got one strike all day.  The entire charter fleet had a difficult day with the wire line jiggers even coming up empty.  They could see piles of fish on the fishfinder but couldnt get them to eat.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 15, 2011

Headed out with Cape Cod living legend Dave Townsend today and finally got a break in the weather.  We found a number of nice schools finning on the surface in the late afternoon.

Cape Cod Fishing

June 14, 2011

Cancelled the morning trip and reschedule for a night mission.  We had a nice school of fish come by early and we managed a couple of nice fish from that pod and then nothing.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 13, 2011

Headed out with the hopes epic early morning tide action today in the crap weather and got blanked.  Ouch.  TONS of bait but no fish anywhere.  So much for the 0200 start time.  We even hit the outer beaches to try and find them and still had no luck.  I did an afternoon kayak charter and saw a bunch of fish but again had difficulty because of wind and clouds.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 12, 2011

More crap weather.  Attempted to fish the flats in kayaks today and got blown out.  We did see piles of fish but had difficulty staying on them in the kayak.  We did manage a couple of nice fish but is was a grind out there today.

June 11, 2011

Looks like we are in for a long week of crap weather.  Headed out to attempt a day of sight fishin on the flats.  It was a long day with little reward.  Everyone got a fish, but BFD, we wanted more.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 5, 2011

You gotta love it when the fish are where they are supposed to be.  We had a great day catching schoolies on flies and sluggos from the Freedom Hawk Kayaks.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

June 4, 2011

Found the kayak fishing school that we pounded on all week again.  Got fish up to 30 inches.  The last one was yummy!

June 3, 2011

So I took a day off to sleep, sue me!

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 2, 2011

Went to the same location as yesterday only to find the fish seemed to have moved on.  It was a beautiful morning and we did get some fish so all was not lost.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 1, 2011

Tailing fish on the flats before dawn was the scene today.  It was a great sight, however the fish were once again finicky although we did mange to hook up a few times.  Sight fishing on the incoming tide was good for sighting but proved to be a little difficult in the catching department.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 31, 2011

Another epic morning of kayak fishing with Coach Gorski.  We pounded on fat stripers all morning.  Check out Coach's sunrise bass in the pic.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 30, 2011

Sight fishing on the flats today was good.  We saw way more fish than we caught but did manage to hook up.  Remember that sight fishing for stripers is for sure the most difficult but most rewarding way to fish for them.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 29, 2011

More great kayak fishing.  Same spot.  Same action.  All good.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 28, 2011

Kayak fishing was great today.  We stayed on top of a sweet spot loaded with stripers up to 30 inches today.  Surface action with Sluggos was the ticket.

May 27, 2011

Epic school of fish on the flats this afternoon.  There were a few hundred fish in the school.  They were super picky but I got a nice 40 inch and 38 inch fish to take a sand eel pattern.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 17, 2011

Naturally, I went back to where the fish are.  My friend Bill Corrigan and I hit the water at 0300 and headed out to drain off where we found fish tailing and popping everywhere.  They were keyed in on baby sand eels and we did well with typical sand eel patterns.  After the tide turned we got some nice fish on sluggos on the surface.

Cape Cod Fishing  

May 16, 2011

I woke up this morning at 0100 to pouring rain but I knew today was the day that I would finally satisfy my jones to feel something big pulling on my line.  I met my clients at the launching spot at 0200 and they wimped out because it was raining!  Bad move on their part!  I found fish in all the places I expected to and the average size of the fish was 25 to 35 inches.  Sweet, right?  I was on the water for 10 hours and caught fish throughout the day.  It was epic with the bass exploding on surface baits.

Cape Cod Fishing

May 14, 2011

I got word that the canal was hot so I walked the service road with my son Andrew and got a few strikes on a needle fish but no hookups.  We saw schools of bass moving through but most were out of range.  It was great to see life in the salt water again.

Cape Cod Fishing  

May 1, 2011

With no fish in the salt and a windy day I decided to hit the fresh water for some largemouth bass action.  So I headed back to the pond I checked out last night in my Freedom Hawk Kayak and did well on powerworms.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

April 30, 2011

I got on the Cape late today so I decided to check out the action in the local ponds in my Freedom Hawk Kayak before it got dark.  I found a pile of warmwater species to have fun with.

April 23, 2011

The season officially opened with a kayak trip with Coach Gorski. We gave it all we got on a cold windy day but came up empty. It was still great to be back on the water.

Mexico Fly Fishing  

December 27, 2010

Last day on the water in Ascension Bay and it was epic.  We got another permit, about a dozen snook, barracuda and a bunch of yummy cubera snapper.

Mexico Fly Fishing  

December 26, 2010

Another epic day of snook and bonefish.  We even scored a doubel snook from the boat.  Life is good.

Mexico Fly Fishing  

December 25, 2010

This morning was cloudy and windy so we stayed close to Punta Allen today and pounded on the local school of lady fish on surface poppers to get our numbers up.  We probably caught 25 a piece.  We went out to the reef to see if anything was lurking around there and ran the shoreline and picked up some bonefish and snook.

Mexico Fly Fishing  

December 24, 2010

Today we chased tarpon in the backcountry.  It was a beautiful day with lots of tarpon seen and only a few caught.  They werent feeding like we had hoped but it was still awesome to see the fish in the shallows.  I also scored a big cuda on the light spinning rod.

Mexico Fly Fishing  

December 23 2010

First day on the water saw was great.  Both Peter and I had each landed a permit on the fly before 10 am.  Now we can relax and enjoy the day.  The rest of the day we scored lots of snook and bonefish.  I scored my biggest snook yet.

Mexico Fly Fishing  

December 22, 2010

Finally made it to Punta Allen.  The Punta Allen road was trashed and in its worst condition that I have witnessed.  It appeared the road grater was working its way slowly south towards Punta Allen but it looked slow going.

Mexico Fly Fishing

December 21, 2010

We escaped the Boston snowstorm to head down to our favorite tropical fishing destination in Punta Allen, Mexico. Breezed through the Cancun airport and headed down to our debriefing location in Tulum to work on a base tan and get on island time.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

September 5, 2010

Today we floated a section to the south of where we were yesterday.  The fishing and scenery was fantastic.

Wyoming Trout Fishing 

September 4, 2010

We ran one of the most classic scenic river stretches in the world today.  The homerun float on the Snake River in the shadow of the Tetons in Grans Teton National Park.  We caught nice sized cuthroats on big dry flies and enjoyed fishing from a boat for a change of pace.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

September 3, 2010

Today we rode out of the Teton Wilderness to base out of Jackson Hole for a trip on the Snake River in the morning.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

September 2, 2010

The weather cleared and we went back up to the lake we got the big ones at and had a fantastic day of catching big cuthroat in the sun. I t was epic.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

September 1, 2010

We were hit by snow and rain storm that took all the fun out fo the fishing for the day however it didnt stop us from taking a ride into the high country to check out the spectacular surrounding painted by the weather.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

August 31, 2010

Today we took the horses up to where the big fish live and scored some beautiful cuthroat trout on ultralight spinng tackle and flies.  The setting was spectacular.  A classic high mountain lake scenario with loads of big trout.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

August 30, 2010

Today we fished the local creek and did well with the small brook trout.  The weather was cold and it went form a sunny day to a snowstorm.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

August 29, 2010

Rode into the Teton Wilderness on horseback to our base camp.  We explored the creek that ran by camp and found plenty of small brook trout that liked our dry flies.

Wyoming Trout Fishing

August 28, 2010

Headed out to Wyoming to take horses into the Teton Wilderness with Russ Elwell.

August 20,21, 2010

We fished with Captain Ramon on the Close Enough for  a couple of days and had great action for bass and blues.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

August 12, 2010

After a slow start in the kayaks we spotted a cloud of birds on the shoreline and found a massive school of bluefish the had the blitz bait of the season, baby ocean herring, pinned up on the sandbars.  It was epic popper fishng with fly rods for angry bluefish.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

July 23, 2010

Jose and Lily were up from Punta Allen, Mexico and we fished the early morning flats with Chris frm Fishng the Cape.  We fished a number of locations and found tailing fish and fish in the shallow channels and had shots at large stripers on the flats later in the day.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

July 26, 2010

Another great day of kayak fishing with Coach Gorski.  The catching wasnt as good as usual.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

July 23, 2010

Inshore kayak fishing was good today.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

July 14, 2010

More fly fishing on the flats.  Not the best day of the season but we didnt get skunked.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 12, 2010

After a slow start we got a nice run of fish on the incoming tide and with the help f the Freedom Hawk Kayaks we were able to stay on the fish.

Cape Cod Freeedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

July 8, 2010

Had an epic offshore trip in the Freedom Hawk Kayaks with Scott and Dan.  We got a bunch of nice fish on sluggos and plugs.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing

July 7, 2010

We had a kayak fishing flotilla out there today and everyone caught fish with the little man getting the big fish.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

July 5, 2010

Let the night time beach fishing begin.  We had a great night fly fishing on the beach.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

July 4, 2010

Another good day on the Freedom Hawks, spin and fly fishing.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

July 3, 2010

Had a great day of inshore and flats fishing in the Freedom Hawk Kayaks.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 26, 2010

More inshore action with the Freedom Hawk Kayaks.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 25, 2010

It was a great offshore trip in the Freedom Hawk Kayak on a calm day.  We scored lots of nice bass on sluggos on the surface.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 23, 2010

Fishing from the Freedom Hawks was good today.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

June 19, 2010

Daniel Zatta was the man today catchnig stripers from a kayak for the first time.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 13, 2010

He shoots, he scores!  Another ocean herring and striper blitz hit the beach again this moring and we were there.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

June 12, 2010

JB had a great moring on a Freedom Hawk Kayak fly fishng for stripers.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 11, 2010

Another day with Dave and more fish for everyone.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 10, 2010

Fished with local legend Dave Townsend and pounded on scattered schools of schoolie bass.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

June 9, 2010

Always a great day on the water with Coach Gorski whether we catchem or not.  Today we were catching them.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing

June 8, 2010

Had a great night on the flats in my Freedom Hawk Kayak.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 5, 2010

Boo Ya!  After a failed attemp to fish a flats location due to thunderstorms we regrouped and hit the outer beaches and hit the jackpot.  We got to the beach and within a few minutes we watched a  massive school of huge bass pin  a massive school of baby ocean herring on the shoreline that exploded into a once in lifetime beach blitz.  The blitz lasted all day and there was fun had by all.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

June 4, 2010

Another beautiful weather and conditions day with slow catching.  We saw loads of bait moving across the flats and were able to catch some fish, bass and blues, on the channel edges but on the whole it was a slow day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 30, 2010

Thanks to a late inning rally we had a great end to failry slow day of sightfishing on the flats.  In the last hour we encoutered some nice pods of fish in shallow water.  They were spooky but catchable if you're good.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing

May 29, 2010

It was another hard day on the water where we had fantastic conditions but not alot of fish.  Again, we still caught fish but nothing notable.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

May 28, 2010

Made a predawn assault on a classic flats location and had some great action at the bottom of the tide then things slowed down and we were able to find fish but nothing spectacular.  The weather and conditions were perfect but the biomass was elsewhere.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

May 27, 2010

Great early season fly fishing action from the Freedom Hawk Kayaks. 

May 23, 2010

Ocean fishing was in order today as the word was that there were fish surrounding the outer cape.  As soon as we got on the water we saw working birds off in the distance and within 20 minutes were into fish.  The fish were keyed in on small baitfish and didnt crush the sluggos as expected so I broke out the fly rod on my Freedom Hawk Kayak and scored a pile of fish up to 36 inches.  There were acres of bass slurping these little baitfish all over.  I also score my first bluefish of the season and it was an angry 10 plus punder.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishng  

May 22, 2010

Peter and I kayak fished today at the edge of some flats and secret local spot accessible only by kayak and scored a pile of fish on, what else, the good ol sluggo.  We were treated to violent acrobatic surface strikes.  These fresh fish were pissed!


May 16, 2010

Met Jason and 3 friends Jason, Bob and Matt at Ocean Edge and drove to the flats.  Hiked out to the edge and scored quickly with a number of fish from 12 to 36 inches  landed among the 4 anglers.  Jason scored a nice 35-40 inch class fish on a Bob Mahoney epoxy sand eel special.  Action died just at lo tide as expected and we worked our way to  look for possible pods on the beach.    Boat passing by alerted us to fish down the beach so we relocated and scored scoolies up to 25 inches  Epic moments throughout the day. 

May 15, 2010

My first epic moments of the season.  Paddled to a favorite location and found classic birds over bass.  I caught many fish in the 28 to 34 inch class on sluggos.  The fish were aggressively hitting on the surface with some fish somersaulting through the air.  It was hard work out there as each fish would take about 5 to 10 minutes to release and that meant I was pushed away from the school by the wind so I would have to paddle back into the fish hookup, go for a ride and do it all over again.  Bliss.

May 14, 2010

Today was windy but I wasnt gonna sit on my ass!  I lauched from the beach in my kayak and battled wind and wave to score a fat keeper on a sluggo.  I chased birds but could never get to them in time with the conditions.  At least I didn't get skunked again!

May 13, 2010

Well it goes to show you every tide is different.  I headed out a 0300 with Chad in kayaks on a cold morning.  The tide was right but the fish decided to do something diffrerent today and we got skunked.  Horrifying.

May 12, 2010

Headed out to do some scouting for tomorrow's charter on the evening tide and managed to find a handful of schoolies on the fly.  I even saw a small pod tailing.  Feeling good about tomorrow.

May 1-2, 2010

Peter and I fished hard over the weekend and managed to find some fish but the weather was not very cooperative.  Peter missed a nice fish on the fly and some keeper bass were taken next to us on topwater plugs.  We fished in 30 mph winds on the flats and managed to score a bunch of nice fish in the narrow window we had access to the fish.  It was epic for about an hour.  There were lots of birds over stripers chasing sandeels.  I also got reports that there are fish everywhere on the Cape now.  This upcoming new moon should be epic.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

April 26, 2010 

On the hunt for striper number 500 with Coach Gorski.  We fished the sunrise at one location and came up empty.  We decided to change things up and head into a salt pond to see if anything is kicking around.  Headed to a pond the Coach scouted the day before and got a bunch of schoolies.  It wasnt long after we got there that we hooked up.  Coach got is number 500!  Congrats Coach!  The irony of the situation was that 500 was probably the smallest fish that I have seen Coach catch!  Anyway we got a couple of more fish, all were holdover schoolies averaging 12 to 16 inches.

April 24, 2010

Had a wading charter with Matt from Boston today.  Tragically the fish werent here yet.  We fished all the usual first arrival spots and came up empty.  We did see the herring running but no bass yet.

March 20, 2010

Fished the freshwater with Coach Gorski for the first trip of 2010.  It was a beautiful day and we fished two different bodies of water, but the fish had lockjaw and we only got a couple of small largemouth bass.  The water needs to warm up just a little more.

December 26-31, 2009

Headed down to Ascension Bay in Mexico for a week of fishing with our buddy Jose out of Punta Allen.  We fished 5 days straight and had many epic moments.  I got a super slam (bonefish,permit,tarpon and a snook) on the fly in 3 hours one day.  We were surrounded by schools of all the super slam species all day. It was surreal.  Another highlight of the trip was Peter Courossi scoring his first Permit on the fly.  It was an epic stalk from the shore.  What a way to end the trip!

Late Septmember, October, November Report

Truth be told, late season 2009 wasnt all it should have been. The weather patterns for the fall season were terrible. I cancelled a number of charters due to weather and all the offshore charters were cancelled. In addition to the bad weather it was hard to find the fish on the good days.  Hopefully we get better weather patterns in 2010. On a positive note, the freshwater fishing was great this fall. 

September 14-20,2009

The fishing has been inconsistent for the week.  The fish are around but it has been difficult to get a read on any consistent patterns.  The usual locations are giving up fish occasionally.  There was a fantastic morning of beach fishing with fish up to 30lbs.  The next day, same place, same time, and nothin'!  Where did they all go!?  Shannon from upstate NY came out for some fly fishing on Sunday.  We ran the beach looking for signs of fish and missed a bluefish blitz by 20 minutes!  Crap!  After deciding that the beach wasnt going to give it up we headed to the flats.  It was a beautiful scene with lots of terns and sandeels on the flat but still no fish.  Thankfully we had a late inning rally and Shannon was able to score her first striper on the fly.  She got another one and missed 2. 

Cape Cod Fishing  

September 13,2009

Finally off to go tuna fishing again and once again were struck by bad luck.  We had 7 lines out with breaking tuna in front of the boat and the engines cut out suddenly.  This couldnt be good and it wasnt.  We snagged a large pice of dragger net that one of the draggers left behind.  We try again on Friday.

September 12,2009

Cancelled the thursday overnight charter due to weather.  Bogus.  Fortunately, I got a call from Captain Eddy on Reel Attitude to work a striper/bluefish charter.  It was the first time out in a while and we didnt know what to expect but we hit the jackpot and boated a northeast super slam of a bonito, false albacore, striper and bluefish.  It was a great day with breaking fish and everyone caught fish.

Cape Cod Fishing Reel Attitide  

September 6,2009

Turned back again!  We gave it a shot but the ocean kept getting worse and about 15 miles out Capt Eddie turned it around and headed home.

Cape Cod Tuna Fishing  

September 4-5,2009

Matt came out and we fished long and hard in the kayaks early in the morning with little reward.  After a short break we changed location and got back in the kayaks.  We hit the jackpot. We ran into a school of medium size blues and found some small striper in the first hour and then the wind went calm and the fish came to the surface and we pounded on stripers up to 30" on flies and sluggos.  It was epic.  We got back in the dark and crashed.  You know we headed right back out there the next day but the fish no showed.  That sucks, right?  It was still a classic day of hanging out in a kayak on Cape Cod Bay.

Cape Cod Freedom Hawk Fly Fishing  

August 24-30,2009

All of my off shore trips on Reel Attitude were cancelled due to ocean conditions this week.  What a drag!  I did manage to get a day of kayak fishing in and fished long and hard for 2 fish but they were quality fish.  Patterns are changing and the fish are moving around.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing    

August 23-24,2009

Jason was down for his annual fishing marathon and he must have been wearing his fish repellent because we got blanked in three different back to back locations.  Jason did catch some trophy bait as you can see.

Cape Cod Fishing    

August 20,2009

Had a kayak charter with Chris Remillard from Granby and it was shockingly slow for kayak fishing. There was bait around but no fish showing on the surface. I had to good strikes jigging but that was it. We changed locations and Chris finally got a striper and we got the pictures to prove it. Even thought the fishing sucked the kayaking and weather was awesome. Going to fish the overnight tonight.

Cape Cod Fishing  

August 19,2009

Today was the most incredible day of bluefin tuna I have seen yet. Naturally I was fishing with Captain Eddy on Reel Attitude. We hooked 9 bluefin and landed and released to and had one break the leader. The other fish came off because we got four fish on at once one time and multiple hookups the other times. There were breaking tuna like breaking tuna and bass all morning. It was incredible. I shot some video that I post on youtube soon.

Cape Cod Tuna Fishing  

August 16,2009

Ephrain Ruiz from Duxbury fished the beach and flats with me today. We had an exciting start with a bluefish blitz on the beach but nce the sun came up the fishing died. Again, this time of year it is most productive to fish nights or from the kayak.

Cape Cod Fishing  

August 15,2009

It was a sad on the water as today was Coach Gorksi's last fishing day on the Cape for the summer. We had a great morning of big bass and bluefish. A fitting way to send Coach off. See you in November!

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

August 12,2009

My friends Jose and Lily from Punta Allen, Mexico came up to fish. They operate a lodge on Ascension Bay that everyone should go to. We kayak fished and scored so big fat bass on sluggos fished on the surface. I didn't forget the camera this time.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  


August 11,2009

What a day to forget the camera! I fished with Capt Eddy on Reel Attitude and smoked em today. We landed 3 bluefin tuna, 56, 66, 67 inches in under 4 hours. It was an epic day. I will post the pics when I get them from Captain Eddy. If you want tuna you need to fish with Captain Eddy.

August 10,2009

Had a good kayak charter with Terry Blackburn. Terry tried out the Freedom Hawk Kayak for the day and really like it. We got som ebig blues and a couple of nice bass.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

August 8,2009

Did a bird watching charter with my mom and aunt Bev. She was hoping to see some arctic terns mixed in with the pile of common terns out here. We didn't see and arcitc terns but we did see some roseate turns and plenty least terns.

August 1,2009

Fished with my buddy David Muller, Peter and Andrew Courossi off Nantucket and shockingly had a slow day. The usual spots were barren and we could access the side of the island that had the fish because of high seas. We did manage to pop some bluefish in the rip ar Great Point.

Cape Cod Fishing  

July 28,2009

Had a day at the beach charter with my parents and friends. At a yummy clam bake prepared at Mac's Seafood in Truro.

Cape Cod Clambake  

July 27,2009

Coach and Joe Bertuzzi headed out with me to one of our favorite harbors for some striper action and again the day time fishing was slow. We managed to pick up a fish here and there but it was tough. On the incoming tide a pile of big fish rolled in on some flats but the wind was cranking against the current and it was challenging to set up on the fish. It was good to see fish in the shallows. Joey B shot some video for his upcoming new video series for youths and caught his first striper ever.

Cape Cod Fishing  

July 26,2009

Another disappointing day on the flats. We covered alot of beautiful water today. But the day was lacking the main The summer doldrums seem to have set in. This time of year the most productive fishing will be from a kayak or fishing at night.

July 25,2009

Fished as a mate on a private boat out of Outermost in Chatham. We cruised all over Monomoy on the inside and found no fish and headed out to Point Rip but the rips were a little too intense for the crowd and we didnt get to put much time into actually fishing.

July 22,2009

Today was probably one of the more disappointing days of the season.  Just goes to show you, just when you think you have them figured out they change the rules of the game.  The only highlight of the morning charter was Dan getting his first striper on the fly. The evening charter with Ladd and Laddie Thorne turned out to be a complete bust and we were skunked.  The weather was beautiful and I always enjoy Ladd's company but the fish no showed and we covered alot of previously fertile ground.  Back in the kayak tomorrow.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 21,2009

Morning charter cancelled so I went offshore in the kayak again and scored a pile of big bass and bluefish.  It was epic.  It rained for most of the morning but the fished were there.  I was sight fishing the entire time.  Some of the bass were in the 40 inch class and the bluefish weru up to 35 inches.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

July 20,2009

Today was offshore kayak fishing day with Scott and Dan and we scored some nice stripers in the 30 to 40 inch class on sluggos and polish sand eels.  The bass were feeding on sand eels and peanut bunker and were showing on the surface.  We hooked some large fish and were cut off by reckless boaters trolling over our lines.  It was a great day on the water regardless.

Cape Cod Fishing  

July 19,2009

I scouted a shallow water night fishery and found loads and loads of schoolie sized stripers up to 26 inches.  They were gorging on sand eels in less than 12 inches of water.  It was epic.

Cape Cod Fishing  

July 16,2009

Scott and Dan Schlessman showed up for their annual assualt on the Northeast and we fished long and hard at one of the hottest spots recently and tragically we only came up with 2 small fish.  I did hook a large fish when we first arrived and we had a few whacks but it wasn't to be.

Cape Cod Fishing  

July 8,2009

Today we went shark fishing with Capt Eddy.  Its great when catching bait is almost as fun as catching a shark.  We scored a pile of blues for bait and a bunch of stripers.  They were blitzing the surface and we were able to cast to them on light tackle and troll umbrella rigs.  Then we headed to the shark fishing grounds and set out a rancid slick rotten goodness to attract a shark, and sure enough a big 9 foot blue shark found its way on to one of our hooks.  We trolled for tuna on the way home to no avail but we did see tuna breaking off in the distance.

Cape Cod Shark Fishing  

July 7,2009

Fished with Capt Eddie again today and we were 1 of only 3 boats in the fleet that landed a fat tuna today.  Bottom line is Capt Eddie is the man!  If you have ever thought of fishing for tuna or other offshore fish you need to book a charter with him ASAP.

Cape Cod Tuna Fishing  

July 6,2009

My first trip of the season with Capt Eddie Carreira on the Reel Attitude was epic.  We ran 120 miles to the offshore canyons and scored huge on yellowfin hooking 30 tuna with multiple hookups.  Check out the pics.

Cape Cod Tuna Fishing  

July 5,2009

Back on the attack out on the Cape.  A kayak charter this afternoon proved to be disappointing with only a few small stripers caught. Where did all the fishies go?  At least we didnt get skunked and the weather was beautiful.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

July 3,2009

We finished up our epic week of fishing in Montana on the Yellowstone River.  Unfortunately we just missed the epic fishing on the river the bugs just started exploding and the river needed to come down a little bit more.  We still managed to dredge up a couple of acrobatic rainbows and a nice brown.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 2,2009

Our last day on the Big Hole was awesome as expected.  We whacked plenty of browns and rainbows on dry flies.  This never gets old.  The scenery was spectacular as usual with plenty of wildlife and sweeping views of classic Montana mountain landscapes.  Tomorrow we fish the Yellowstone River.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 1,2009

Another epic day with more browns and rainbows on dry flies.  We hit the weather jackpot this week and conditions remain spectacular on the Big Hole.  In addition to the great fishing the scenery and wildlife have been incredible.  We saw a bull moose, bull elk, bald eagles, and a big whitetail buck.  More of this drudgery tomorrow.

Montana Fly Fishing  

June 30,2009

After a slow and buggy start things turned around for us and we ended up with another epic day of trout fishing.  The weather was perfect again and we got more nice browns and rainbows on dry flies and streamers. 

Montana Fly Fishing  

June 29,2009

Another epic day of dry fly fishing on the Big Hole.  Dry or Die!

Montana Fly Fishing  

June 28,2009

The first day of our annual Montana trout fishing adventure with Peter Courossi and Russell Elwell was fantastic.  The weather was perfect and we had browns and rainbows hitting dry fies on the Big Hole River until sundown.  The forecast for tomorrow is just as good.

Montana Fly Fishing  

June 26,2009

Dennis and I were back out in the kayaks this morning.  This time we went offshore for the morning bite of stripers.  We scored a number of nice fish on flies and plugs and sluggos.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing Freedom Hawk  

June 25,2009

Found a pile of fish to throw flies at from the Freedom Hawk Kayak.  Dennis Fontain from Vermont got about 25 schoolie stripers.  It was a good day.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing Freedom Hawk  

June 24,2009

Another EPIC day of kayak fishing with Coach Gorski.  For the first 2 hours we pounded on big fish in shallow water on the flats.  These fish 30 to more than 40 inches in size.  It was amazing to see so many big fish like this in less than two feet of water.  We lost them for about 3 hours but we found them again and had a huge late inning rally.  In the end Coach scored his largest striper and largest bluefish to date.  Look at that cow!

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

June 23,2009

Today was a washout.  High winds forced the rescheduling of the days charters so I took the day off.

June 22,2009

It was a pipe dream to think a day like that would happen two days in a row!  We hit the same beach at the same time and they weren't there.  Dammit!

June 21,2009

Today was the day every striper fisherman in the world dreams of.  We hit the striper lottery.  Just before dawn e noticed a soup of bait against the shore.  Then the stripers came in.  There were large feeding stripers for as far as the eye could see.  This was one of the best days of beach fishing for stripers I have ever seen.  Some of the schools that were moving by had an average size of 40 inches or better and you could see even bigger fish mixed.  How cool is it when you can call a 40 inch fish a schoolie?!

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 20,2009

Today I took Team BOA on an all day boat charter with Capt Jared on the Excalibur out of Provincetown.  We had a great morning of stripers and bluefish on flies and light tackle.  Later in the morning Capt Jared showed us how the locals fish for bass jigging with wire line and dredged up a couple more keeper bass.  Then the capt got word that there was tuna bite close by.  We started trolling and then started seeing schools of bluefin tuna on the surface.  It was unbelievable to see these gamefish so up close and personal.  I did get 2 solid shots with a fly rod with no takes.  We saw at least 10 separate schools of tuna and some of the schools were exploding out of the water on bait.

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 19,2009

Fellow rock star guide Russell Elwell owner of Montana Fishing Adventures joined his brother Christian and for another assault on the same beach as last night.  It wasn't as hot as last night but Russ did catch his first of many stripers to come.

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 18,2009

My friend Christian Elwell owner of Borealis Outdoor Adventures joined me for a full on night time beach assault on one of my favorite spots.  We crushed fish up to 25# on light spinning rods and the almighty sluggo.

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 16,2009

Made a predawn raid on the beach only to score 1 small bass on a sluggo.  The conditions changed and the fish no showed.  Later in the day I hit the ocean in a kayak and found plenty of bluefish and a few stripers that hit surface plugs and sluggos.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

June 15,2009

Making the best of the easterly winds and going on a tip that the fish were moving on the beach, we hit the beach and sight fished for pods of stripers.  When the action slowed we changed locations and found 3 to 8 pound bluefish pinning peanut bunker up against a sandbar.  It was a blast catching these angry gamefish on the fly.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 13,2009

When will this norteast wind ever go away???!!!  Even though the wind speed was reasonable the usual spots just dont fish the same.  Paul Cain and I worked our butts off in Freedom Hawk Kayaks to finally locate a pile of schoolies that would whack the fly.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 12,2009

After a thunderstorm delay, Rick, Kurt and Al stormed the ocean in kayaks and were rewarded with big breaking fish with an incredible setting.  We had flat calm seas and loads of fish to shoot at.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

June 11,2009

The crap wind continues and we still cant fish like we would like.  But Andrew Sale from the UK and Jay Paulson of AmazingFlies.Com were still able to get into a few fish at one of the last resort spots I got.  Jay fished his Titantic Slider and landed a handful of schoolies and Andy fished a sinking line over the edge and was able to score a dozen or so fish up to 26 inches.  At one point there were clouds of bait moving through with busting stripers all over them. 

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 10,2009

Junk easterly winds made the usual fly fishing hotspots tough to fish so we had to work very hard to find fish. There was about an hour of magical fishing with pods of stripers hunting along the shoreline.  We tried an oceanside location and were able to score a keeper sized fish on a sluggo and a couple schoolies on a Fishmaker fly in the waves.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 9,2009

Paolo Cullati from Italy caught his first striper ever and a pile more.  The bad weather held off and we had pods of breaking fish in front of us for much of the day.

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 7,2009

Coach Gorski and I made a kayak assault on one of our favorite locations and scored some of the biggest fish from a kayak this season.  Check out the pig that hit a sluggo on the surface.  We didnt set any records with numbers but the average size of the fish was way above the norm.  Coach lost some big fish due to being undergunned.  I guarantee he will be ready for these big fish next time!

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

June 6,2009

The beach decided to give up a couple of nice fish during daylight today.  Check out the beautiful 40 inch striper that Heather landed on a sluggo.

Cape Cod Women's Fishing  

June 5,2009

Did some scouting on a flats destination today and scored a nice keeper sized striper on a Townsend's Fishmaker pattern.  The weather was crappy but there were fish around.  At one stage of the tide the fish were breaking and taking everything.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 2,2009

So, of course we went back to the same spot as last night and it seemed like the streak was gonna end but at late inning rally kept the streak alive.  The final 90 minutes produced a quick blitz of keeper sized fish up to the 40 inbch range.

Cape Cod Fishing  

June 1,2009

Just when we thought it couldnt get any better....we pounded on big fish in the surf all night again!  This time we put some 30# plus fish on the beach.  Once again, we were using John Guardino Custom Plugs.  For those of you who weren't with us last it and weep!

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

May 31 Night,2009

After a long nap I decided to head out to one of my night time beach i hotspots.  The winds were cranking and I was hoping for big fish up against the beach.  My buddy John Guardino came out with me and donated one of his custom plugs to try.  We each scored big fish on our first casts and the game was on.  It was a night of 20#ers!  You need to get some of John's plugs!  You can reach him at 802-279-5569.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

May 31 Day,2009

Just so you think I dont throw that epic word around lightly, this morning was NOT epic.  Weather and conditions wise it seemed perfect.  There was a beautiful sunrise and plenty of anticipation but only a few fish were caught today.  We covered alot of water and saw fish occasionally but we didn't run into the pods of fish we expected to.  Is this when I am supposed to say "That's why they call is fishin'......"?

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 26,2009

And the keeper sized bass keep coming.  So far this season every outing has yielded at least one keeper.  Zack and I fought 30 knot winds and the new moon tide to score a pile of stripers on sluggos.  We fished along side my guiding buddy George Ryan and his crew of fly rodders.  There were times that all 6 of us were hooked up at the same time.  It was another epic fishing adventure.


May 25,2009

Another epic morning of fly fishing for stripers in shallow water.  The Fishmaker flies continue to dominate.  I will be fishing tonight from the beach.  I have a good feeling about this!


May 24,2009

Let the epic trips continue!  JB, Trevor and Brian got in on some fantastic fly rod action this morning.  Everyone hooked into more that 20 fish and everyone got a keeper.  What more can you ask for?!

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 23,2009

I had some great kayak fishing with Peter Courossi.  We fished sluggos and crushed some nice fish on light spinning tackle.

Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing  

May 22,2009

The season continues to rock.  I fished from the beach at night and found a pile of fat bass.  All of the fish were in close to shore and were easy pickins with the fly rod and my buddy Dave Townsend's "Fishmaker" pattern.  The fish ran from 20 to 35 inches.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

May 10-21,2009

All of the usual hot locations are reporting strong runs of fish.  Plenty of bait of all kinds combined with favorable weather conditions have really made the start of this season productive and fun.  In one location I fished the incoming tide brought in waves of stripers across the flats.  We attacked them in kayaks and threw sluggos and flies from our Freedom Hawk Kayaks.  The fish ranged from 25" to 40" with some larger torpedo sized fish mixed in.  We are coming into the May new moon tides.  There should be some epic action and photos to come soon.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 9,2009

The first charter of the season was epic.  It was only fitting that one of my favorites, Coach Gorski, was along for the festivities.  We had rockin action all day long.  Coach got his first fish with in 10 minutes of hitting the water.  I think Coach's final tally for the day was 24 stripers landed and 8 lost at the boat.  And, like yesterday, the fish were all the 25 to 35 inch class.  What a day!

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

May 8,2009

This was the best opening day I have ever had.  I scored big time with tailing fish in shallow water.  There were also pods of fish in the main channel that kept coming and going.  I got fish on all stages of the tide.  I love my Freedom Hawk.  I was able to use the kayak to get within shooting distance of the pods and then stand up and let em have it.  Most of the fish were in the 25 to 35 inch class.  Most of the fish were caught on the fly.  I was using my buddy Dave Townsend's "Fishmaker" pattern and I couldn't keep the fish away from that fly if I tried!

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

April 9-12,2009

My fishing buddy Peter Courossi and I once again took Punta Allen and Ascension Bay by storm.  We went down for a quick 3 day hit of tropical fishing.  We had 2 fantastic days of guided fishing with our guide Jose and a great day of self guided fishing on the Punta Allen Road.  We caught plenty of bonefish, had shots at permit and jumped a bunch of baby tarpon.

Punta Allen Fishing  

December 28,2008

Today we cruised around the bay looking for anything.  We had shots at huge barracuda and some nice black tip sharks.  We got plenty of wild strikes but no hooks ups.  Plenty bonefish tailing about.  We poked around for snook and tarpon and got strikes but no hookups.  Jose eventually found a pile of snook cruising in shallow water and we had strikes and hookups.  There was bait and life everywhere.  If anyone ever want to experience one of the coolest fishing spots on the planet, contact me and I will set you up.  I have all the contacts. 


December 27,2008

On the second day Jose wanted to take us to his special bonefish spots deep into the backcountry.  We dragged the panga thru a series of canals and found the spot.  It was epic bonefishing for the entire day with the average size of fish running 3 to 6 lbs.  We lost count before lunch.  I had some larger fish trash my light leader in the mangrove shoots and around the boat.  The bigger fish were running over 150 yards and difficult to control with the light leader.  I changed to a heavy short leader and these fish still mauled the fly.


December 26,2008

What a way to end the year.  My fellow fishing psycho Peter Courossi and I made a 3 day assault on Ascension Bay in Mexico.  This is one of my most favorite places on earth to fish.  The weather was great but the wind was challenging at times.  We dedicated the first half of the first day to permit.  Our guide Jose set us up on a flat where he had seen a large school of permit feeding the last couple of days.  We didn't run into the big school but Peter had a 25lb fish follow his fly right to the boat.  We beat on some big bonefish for the rest of the day.  This is paradise down here.  


November 28,2008

Not for lack of trying.  It was a wild day out there with sun,rain,hail,wind,sun.  We kayaked a small river for the first half of the day and saw a couple of signs of life, unknown gamefish swirling on bait and a missed hit at the kayak, but didn't score.  Moved to the ocean side of the river and waded out to the bar.  There were lots of diving ducks when we got there but no fish. 

November 24,2008

Hunting for schoolies and salters.  Coach will be out on Friday.

November 12-17,2008

Hosted a trip to South Dakota for some world class pheasant hunting.  Contact me for more info on world class hunting worldwide.

October 28-31,2008

The schoolies showed a few more times but the fishing is getting tough and its time to start transitioning into winter mode. 

October 27,2008

Crap!  Skunked again!  The morning charter was rough.  Conditions seemed perfect but the fish no showed.  I went back out for the sunset bite and whamo!  A huge school of schoolies swarmed the beach for about 3 hours taking flies and whatever else you had.  What a difference a tide can make

October 24,2008

It was another slow daytime charter with about a dozen schoolies caught on sluggos and sand eels.  At least we weren't skunked.


October 17-23,2008

The fishing has been spotty all week.  Some days were great for schoolies in the surf and other days it was a biological desert out there.

October 16,2008

Its about time we scored an epic day of flats fishing.  We were surrounded by tailing stripers for hours! 


October 14,2008

It was a slow day kayak fishing but we did manage a couple of bluefish on the fly from the kayak.


October 12,2008

Karen and Nancy were out for their annual week of charters and we started out with a day on the flats and had a few shots at some stripers but they were dispersed and spooky.  We did score some nice bluefish on the fly that made up for the lack of stripers.


October 9-11,2008

The weather has been crappy and I have been running the beach checking things out.   Beach fishing has been spotty.

October 8,2008

Its days like this when you appreciate your fishing buddies.  I was planning on sleeping in today when I got a call from a buddy who said that huge bluefish were pushing big shad, herring and bunker onto the beach.  Plenty of time to sleep when I am dead!  We chased huge bluefish up and down the beach til the sun went down.  It was an epic day.


October 2-7,2008

Found em!  It took some poking around but I found another consistent night fishing location and scored one of the nicer beach fish of the season drifting sand eels.


October 1,2008

It was a tragic night of beach fishing.  We fished hard all night with sand eels and every kind of artificial we had to no avail.  Getting skunked sucks.

September 30,2008

Fly fishing on the flats was pretty good this morning.  We got a pile of schoolies in the dark up to sunrise and the scored some nice bluefish on the fly.


September 26-29,2008

The crew from Eco Fishing Adventures was out to film a couple of episodes with me and wouldn't you know hurricane Kyle was off shore for the whole time.  We did manage to score some fish on the flats and get some good bluefish action a couple of times.  The beach fishing was slow with a few fish being caught.  You can see Eco Fishing Adventures on World Fishing Network and The Sportman's Channel and on

September 25,2008

Fly fishing on the beach was slow.  We managed not to get skunked but the fish were not there.


September 21-24,2008

Night fishing again.  Action was steady for a few days but no big fish.

September 20,2008

Headed back out to do some night fishing with Peter and Andrew.  Peter did well in the first couple of hours on the fly.  The action tapered off a bit but it was a good night overall.


September 19,2008

Sweet!  Still finding stripers at night.

September 18,2008

Had a great day of tuna fishing on the Reel Attitude with Capt Eddy.  We saw spectacular schools of 100 to 300 lb class bluefin tuna crashing on bait.  We got a double hookup and landed both fish.  It was an epic moment in sports.


September 10 - 16,2008

Sent the Townsend crew home and spent the next few days cleaning gear and debriefing in King Salmon and Anchorage.  Time to get back into striper mode.

September 9,2008

Take out day is always sad but it was a great trip and we had a great morning scoring a few more nice silvers and rainbows before the take out.

September 8,2008

It was another beautiful rainy day of fishing in Alaska.  More silvers, rainbows and grayling for everyone.

September 7,2008

Today was grayling day.  Everybody scored their grayling. 

September 6,2008

The rainy weather did not prevent another day of great fishing.  Some slab rainbows were caught along with the first arctic char of the trip.  Silvers were awesome as usual and the grayling fishing was improving.

September 5,2008

Another fantastic day of silver salmon fishing.  The first grayling of the trip was caught and some nice rainbows were caught too.  The other salmon species were starting to die off in a big way.  It was cool to witness this massive annual die off.

September 4,2008

Here come the Silvers!  It rained on and off but the fishing was great.  Big angry silver salmon, rainbows and older sockeyes, kings and pinks were caught.


September 3,2008

Got the Townsend crew out to camp at the head of the river.  We had a minor weather delay heading out but everyone made it out.  Everyone started fishing, eating and drinking immediately.  Salmon, rainbows and lakers were caught by everyone.  Life is good.

September 1-2,2008

Russ and Matt flew out to the head of the river to set up camp.  The weather was came up big time out there and they were almost forced to land on another body of water but pilot was able to pull off the landing and put the boys on site.  They spent the next day putting the finishing touches on camp and checking out the fishing.  Matt was spanking kings, sockeyes and pinks right in front of camp.


August 25 to August 31,2008

Headed up to Alaska to meet my guiding buddies Russ and Matt to open up the operation at our outpost base camp in King Salmon.  We had a smooth week getting the gear together and preparing for 7 days on the river.


August 23,2008

Headed back onto the flats to see if I could run into the schoolies I found yesterday and they showed up again for a couple of hours.  Other than that it was a slow day on the flats.  Time to get ready for Alaska.

August 22,2008

Fly fishing the flats today was fair today.  Ladd Thorne scored a couple of nice bluefish near the deeper water that ripped him into his backing.  We did see schools of small bass chasing silversides in the grass beds but they were very finicky.  Good luck in New Zealand Ladd.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

August 21,2008

Another epic night at the "spot".  Red Sox security stud Zach Silbert scored a pile of nice stripers on the usual baits with many keeper sized fish.  Don't misbehave at Fenway this summer or Zach will kick your ass!

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 20,2008

Today was a canyon run on the "Reel Attitude" with Capt Eddy.  The 3 1/2 hour ride out was fine but the seas picked up and we were rockin and rollin in 4 to 6 all day.  We had a great day landing a couple of nice mahi mahi and a big yellowfin tuna.  One of the highlights of the day was when a huge 600lb class marlin came up to a whack at the baits.  Minutes after the marlin went down the tuna hit.  It was a great day.

Cape Cod Canyon Fishing  

August 19,2008

The sunset bluefishing trip with Paul Staid and his son Steven was kind of slow, but we did manage a couple of nice blues off the beach.  It was a beautiful sunset.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 18,2008

The big ones came in tonight!  A run of 40 inch class fish rolled in on the "spot" tonight.  John and JP Guardino hammered fish on his famous needlefish.  It was classic surf fishing with big winds, big waves and big fish.  Epic!  Dan K got his first striper ever and it was 35 inches!

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 17,2008

Right back to the "spot" for another epic night.  We scored loads of stripers with many keeper sized bass on, you guessed it, sluggos and needlefish.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 16,2008

The night trip was way better than the day trip.  Peter and I went to the "spot" and scored stripers on sluggos and needlefish as usual.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 16,2008

The day trip with Justin and Hans was mediocre at best.  We went to the "spot" on the beach and missed the hot time.  We were able to land a nice striper and bluefish and a few schoolies on sluggos.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 14,2008

Straight from the beach to the tuna boat!  Luke from the Ptown Marina was kind enough to invite me to mate a giant tuna trip with him on the "Coyote"  We started the day looking for bluefish for bait but couldn't get away from loads of big stripers.  Wish we had problems like this all the time.  We got some bluefish and put them in the livewell and headed for the tuna grounds.  We saw loads of whales and bait but the giants didn't show.  It was a fun day anyway.  The whale show was worth the ride out.

Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing  

August 13,2008

You know I went right back to the "spot" again.  And again we scored loads of fish.  Sluggos and John Guardino needlefish were the ticket as usual.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 12,2008

The secret beach spot yields again!  Brad Kulis and I hammered fish on plugs and sluggos.  No huge fish but plenty o' fish.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

August 10,2008

Yah Baby!  We hit the motherload tonight.  We were surrounded by big bass all night.  Most of the fish were averaging 35 inches or better.  We were kayaking the shallows in the Freedom Hawk Kayaks and took fish on sluggos.  There were thousands of fish.  It was an epic night.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

August 8,2008

The plan was to head out for tuna on the "Tough Enough" but the seas were too rough to make the run so we settled for some striper fishing.  We got a couple of nice fish trolling wire and got into a load of tasty sea bass.

Nantucket Fishing  

August 6,2008

The early morning bite was ok in the surf with some bluefish and bass.  After the sun came up everything slowed down.  We worked hard walking the beach and kayaking the flats for not much reward.  Where's the fish!?

August 5,2008

The crowd got a load of keeper bass in the rips on the "Reel Attitude" with Captain Eddy.  It was a mob scene on the rips all day.  We counted 75 boats at one point.  Captain Eddy was able to hold us on the fish all day.

Cape Cod Striper Fishing Charter  

August 2,2008

Fished for tuna offshore on board the "Tough Enough" out of Nantucket for the first time this season.  We found loads of feeding whales and dolphins.  We marked bait but couldn't raise a fish.  We did see a 20 fish blitz about a 1/4 mile out.  It was spectacular.  The tuna were 100 to 300lb class fish exploding out of the water.  We tried to intercept them but it was anyone's guess which way they went.  Better luck next time.

Nantucket Tuna Fishing  

August 1,2008

We had an epic day on the flats with tailing fish surrounding us in less than 12 inches of water at one point.  We also had some great light tackle action with medium size bluefish.

July 31,2008

It was another fantastic day on the "Reel Attitude" with Captain Eddy.  We put another 135lb bluefin tuna on the deck.  It was epic.  I can't tell you where and I can't tell you how but I can tell you to call Capt Eddy for a charter.

July 29/30,2008

The flats were hot on the overnight.  There were sand eels on the bars and the fish were on them.  Everybody caught a pile of fish.  The most effective method was picking the freshie sand eels off the bar and using them for bait. It was fish after fish after fish for a couple of hours.  When the tide turned everything shut down and headed in.

July 28/29,2008

We had a great overnight fishing adventure that started out with classic night time surf fishing action for bass and blues on needle fish and polish sand eels.  After a couple of hours we switched to fly fishing on the flats and scored a load of schoolies and a couple of bluefish.

July 27,2008

It was a bluefish massacre with Capt Eddy on the "Reel Attitude".  We fished Nantucket Sound on a perfect day.  The stripers were on strike and did not bite.  Everyone had fun.

July 26,2008

It was a tragically slow day for Coach and the Bruno flotilla. We fished as hard as humanly possible and only yielded a handful of fish.  On the positive side it was a beautiful and they were a great bunch of guys.  We'll get em next time.  See you for the new moon next week Coach.

July 25,2008

The sunset bluefishing trip with the Fischer crew was slow but we did score one nice 32 inch blue on a ranger.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

July 24,2008

Today was a learn to fish day for Dr Jay in Brewster.  We did about 90 minutes of "classroom" and then went to check out some locations.  The wind was cranking so we were limited to our options.  We kayaked to the sheltered side of a breakwater and worked with all the different types gear we talked about during classroom time.  We bailed out to take cover from thunderstorms.  No fish today but Dr Jay is ready to go.

July 23,2008

After recovering for most of the day from my 24 hour shift the day before I woke to giant bluefish calling me to come get them off National Seashore.  Naturally I answered the call and headed out in the kayak and caught 3 huge bluefish in about an hour and a half on a beat up pencil popper.  I taped one of the fish at 35 inches.  That was one angry bluefish.  The fog chased me in but was an epic 90 minutes.

July 21-22,2008

As soon as I finished the tuna charter I headed back to the Outer Cape to take Fred and his son Nick to my hot night beach spot.  We scored fat schoolies up to 26 inches.  The keepers didn't show up but it was a blast catching the fish on surface plugs.  It was a great 24 hour marathon.  Tuna during the day and fishing for stripers from the beach at night.

July 21,2008

Capt. Eddy is the man!  We boated a 135# bluefin tuna trolling the shipping lanes in 5 to 7 foot swells.  Angler Ian fought the fish to the boat and I wrangled the angry mackerel to the back door and Cap gaffed him and we hauled him on deck.  It was epic.  Can't wait for the next tuna trip.

Cape Cod Tuna Fishing  

July 21,2008

Today was an awesome day trolling for bass and blues on the "Reel Attitude" with Capt Eddy.  We crushed keeper bass and monster bluefish all day.  Tuna tomorrow!

July 19/20,2008

Another epic night of beach fishing in the surf.  The moon was bright, the wind was cranking and the fish were there.  I scored 4 fish over 30 inches on needlefish, polish sand eel, and sluggos.  There were many fish in the 25 to 30 inch range.  I got a 28 inch fish on the fly in the raging surf it was awesome.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 18,2008

Another great morning on the flats.  We fly fished for feisty schoolies in supe shallow water at dawn.  There was a fantastic sunrise with tailing and breaking fish.  At the edge of the flats we got into some fun bluefish action.  The second half of the day was spent casting from the beach to those huge bluefish that are in town.  We got about 5 fish in the 30 inch range.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 17,2008

My guide in training Andrew and I went for a mid day kayak cruise and found a pile of 4 to 8 pound bluefish to have fun with.  It was a great day on the water.

Cape Cod Kids Fishing  

July 16,2008

The streetfight continues!  Coach and I pounded or should I say they pounded on us for another sundown battle.  We were in the middle of a full blown surface blitz at one point.  It was epic.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

July 15,2008

Holy Crap!  The biggest bluefish of the season moved in and we spanked em from the kayak.  We fished the afternoon to sundown and scored many huge bluefish over 30 inches.  It was a streetfight.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

July 13/14,2008

Back to the beach for some night fishing.  Can't say it was epic but I did score a keeper on a needlefish and about a dozen fat schoolies.  Beats sleepin'!

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

July 12,2008

Started fishing the beach at sunrise.  The fish were off shore so we headed off shore in the kayaks and scored a big bluefish trolling a needlefish.  That was all the action we saw so we changed to an inshore location and caught a handful of schoolies on sluggos.  After a break I headed back offshore and got into piles of huge breaking bluefish on surface plugs.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing

July 11,2008

Kayak fishing for big bluefish was awesome today around sunset.  Huge fish were everywhere.  They smashed anything that was put in front of them.  It was a street fight out there.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

July 10,2008

Fished the same beach as last  night and found a pile of schoolies.  The larger fish were elsewhere, but the schoolies were great fun.  We got them on needlefish and sluggos with spinning gear and poppers on the fly rod.  Hits on almost every cast.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 9,2008

Back in the saddle!  If you weren't fishing with me last night then you missed out!  It was an epic night of surf fishing.  Big wind, big waves and big fish.  I was fishing a stubby needlefish made by my friend John Guardino.  The fish were hitting it from the top of the cast to right in the wash.  I landed around a dozen fish between 30 and 35 inches and loads of smaller fish.  This was one of the best beach fishing nights of the season.  You know I'm heading back out there tonite.

Cape Cod Surf Fishing  

July 6,2008

Epic dry fly day.  Salmon flies crushed em all day.  There was so much sweet water and beautiful scenery it was awesome.  It was a tragedy when the float was over.  The only consolation was thought of chasing stripers and blues back on the Cape.  Nice.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 5,2008

Russ pulled a rabbit out of his hat and took us to the Big Hole River for an overnight float.  It was dry fly mania.  The salmon flies just finished hatching the week before and he had a hunch that salmon flies would work and they did.  We caught, brookies, browns and rainbows.  After a day of fishing we stayed at a cabin on the water and ate and drank like kings.  More fishing tomorrow.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 4,2008

Peter and I took the show tour and visited our friend Russ Elwell in Montana to do some trout fishing.  The water levels were running high on the Yellowstone so we floated a small scenic river in Russ' new raft.  Fishing was slow but Peter managed to land some browns on dry flys.  The float was fantastic and scenic.  We ate well and had a great time.

Montana Fly Fishing  

July 2,2008

Freedom Hawk mania!  Dave Cameron and Dave Hadden of Freedom Hawk Kayaks were guest anglers today along with Alan Poole from Cornell University and wouldnt ya know it?  It was another epic morning on the flats.  Everybody caught fish.  We had quads goin many times.  After the tide rolled in on the flats we hit the Freedom Hawk Kayaks and pounded on breaking fish for 3 more hours.  What a day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

July 1,2008

Second morning in a row of epic twilight flats fishing.  Same story as yesterday.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 30,2008

The flats were smokin this morning.  The fish were not big but there were tons of them.  Breaking and tailing fish were caught with flies and sluggos.  It was epic.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 29,2008

The fog was thick at launch time but soon lifted as we cruised into Plum Island Sound.  Peter scored schoolies trolling sluggos behind the kayak as we searched for a place to do some wade fishing.  We found a sweet sandbar on the edge of a channel on the Parker River and scored many schoolies on fly.  The sun came out and it turned into a great day on the water.

Parker River Fly Fishin  

June 28,2008

We launched kayaks from the Parker River Wildlife Refuge and headed to the Joppa Flats.  The wind was howling at 15 to 20 out of the northeast and it stayed steady for the entire outing.  We did manage to score a fish on a tube and worm at the edge of the flats in the Merrimack and got a couple more fish on the incoming tide back in the Plum Island River.  The wind was oppressive in the kayak.  There is a more favorable forecast for tomorrow.

Freedom Hawk Kayak Fishing Parker River  

June 25,2008

It was a long tough day on the water today.  The weather was perfect but the fish were hard to find.  We fished flats areas and beach spots from 0900 to 2200 and only came up with a handful of small fish.  Not for lack of trying.  On a positive note we did see a pile of fish on the incoming tides on the flats but were forced off the flats because of the rising water.  Kayaks are the ticket for access to those fish.  Heading out on tour this weekend to fish the Joppa Flats, the Merrimack and the Parker Rivers in kayaks.

June 22,2008

Today was opening day for the "Tough Enough" on Nantucket with my friend David Muller.  We had a great morning trolling up 4 keeper bass up to 35 inches and scoring piles of big blues from 25 to 35 inches.  We also threw light spinnng tackle at big breaking blues.  What a blast.

Nantucket Striped Bass Fishing  

June 21,2008

Cape Cod guiding legend George Ryan and I took a group of 4 out to the flats today.  It was slow going for a while and we eventually found fish at the edge of the shallow water and stayed around the same area and caught a pile of schoolies up to 27 inches.  The first inshore bluefish was caught too.  Time to beef up the tippet.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 20,2008

The morning trip was kind of slow.  We fished the flats late on the tide and then switched to beach fishing.  There were pods of full size pogies, blueback herring and sand eels moving up and down the beach.  The highlight of the morning was a nice pod of keeper sized fish that came right by us.  We had four hookups at once.  We got one of the larger fish in the pod.  Unfortunately that was all the action to be had.  The night charter on the flats was great.  Matt from NYC fished sluggos for a pile of fish.  One of the fish was about 28 inches.  It was a beautiful sunset and moonrise.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

Cape Cod Fishing  


June 19,2008

Headed out in search of bluefin tuna today with Captain Ramon Rustia.  We cruised out of Wellfleet to the tuna grounds and laid out 4 spreaders and trolled.  There were many whales.  Unfortunately it was a better day for whale watching than tuna fishing.  We didn't score but it was a great day on the water.  We did spank some bluefish on surface plugs on the way back in.  We'll get em next time.

June 18,2008

The full moon kayak fishing with Coach turned out to be slower than usual.  Coach did manage to pound on a pod of keeper sized fish and pop a fish here and there but it was hard work finding the fish.  There were many single cruising fish coming over the bars on the incoming tide but they were spooky and difficult to catch.  We did end the day with a nice fish on the fly rod with one of Coach's fly creations it was great.  Tuna fishing with Capt Ramon Rustia tomorrow.  Sweet!

June 17,2008

Had a great kayak charter with Zach.  He trolled a tube and worm for a big fat 38 inch striper.  He also scored some schoolies and a smaller keeper size fish.  We switched locations and threw sluggos on light tackle for a pile of feisty schoolies.  It was an epic day.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing  

June 16,2008

It was a perfect day for early morning flats fishing and we managed to hit some hot fishing here and there but it wasn't a blow out by any stretch.  We had many doubles and hits on poppers and sluggos on the surface.  It was a great day but I was hoping for more numbers and bigger fish.

Cape Cod Flats Fishing  

June 15,2008

Thunder and lightning canceled the morning charter and bogus winds canceled the afternoon charter.  We did take a cruise out to the beach for a quick check and just missed a blitz of big bass on a huge pod of big pogies.  "You shoulda been here an hour ago!"  Tomorrow looks good.

June 14,2008

It was an early morning charter on the flats today.  Peter and Lew bravely embarked on a wading trip with me at 0130 with the hopes of scoring bass feeding in the super shallows.  After a surreal hike in the dark out to the fishing grounds we heard breaking fish and Peter hooked up a couple of schoolies in short order.  Lew and I headed down the flat in more fish and Lew scored his first striper on the fly.  The fishing was slow for a while and then we changed locations and had shots at fish in shallow water.  Sluggos worked as usual.  At the next location we were greeted by the sunrise and breaking fish moving with the tide.  All in all it was an ok fishing day but a great day on the water.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing    

June 13,2008

I fished with the Wild Women of Watertown, NY today.  It was a beautiful day on the water.  We fished sand eels on a daytime tide and only managed to dredge up a handful of schoolies, not for lack of trying, the girls fished hard. 

June 12,2008

I scouted a flats area from midnight to 0200 and scored a fat fish on a sluggo and a pile of smaller fish.  It was awesome with fish exploding on the sluggo in the dark right in front of me.  In the dead silence of the night a fish blowing up that close will scare the crap out of you.  It's great!

Cape Cod Striped Bass Fishing

June 11,2008

Kowabunga!  A prehistoric run of fish came across the flats today.  It was a picture perfect day for flats fishing.  After a long hike out the flats we ran into the fish.  Many of the fish were 30 to 40 inches.  The only bad part of this story is that the fish were finicky and extremely difficult to catch, however, we were able to land some of the big ones.  By the end of the day they figured out a presentation that would entice strikes.  As frustrating as it was it was still and epic day as we were surrounded by thousands of fish all day.

Cape Cod Fly Fishing  

June 10,2008

I had a great day sight fishing from the Freedom Hawk Kayak today.  Did I mention I love this boat!?  I had many shots at finicky fish.  It felt great to get one to bite the fly.  There were many follows right up to the kayak.  It was another beautiful day of sight fishing.

Cape Cod Sight Fishing  

June 9,2008

Coach Gorski and I smoked em in the kayaks today.  We got fish in open water and on the flats.  It was an awesome sight watching wave after wave of stripers flood the flats.  The sight fishing was awesome.  They were keyed in on pods of small sand eels and were very finicky, however Coach was able to score with a variety of plastic baits and I was able to score on the fly rod with white Fishmakers.  It was a great day.

Cape Cod Kayak Fishing